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The Wonders of the Isle of Wight with Nick, Isobel & Lesley

   The Wonders of the Isle of Wight   

First stop was to the infamous landmark, The Needles at Allum Bay.  Here we could see the Needles in their full glory standing tall in the blue sea.

A fun afternoon was spent in the craft shop where we filled different shapes with varied coloured sands that had been gathered from frequent rockfalls from Alum Bay itself. 

We visited the Sweet Factory and watched how the confectioner made some humbug sweets. It was an impressive sight to see them being made before our very eyes and we were lucky enough to get to try these delicious sweets. 

Then we enjoyed visiting Alum Bay Glass and watched how beautiful vases and ornaments were madeand visited the souvenir shop.

In the evening we had an incredible time and danced our socks off. Each night we enjoyed amazing shows put on by the brilliant entertainment team!

We had a super game of ten pin bowling, which was great fun! Everyone achieved smashing scores!

  Alton Towers Theme Park  

At the Chatsworth House the sun was shining as we wandered round the estate, admiring the grandeur of the house and the pristinely kept gardens. We picnicked by the river, relaxing in the midday sun, followed by a friendly game of boule.

 We also  made our way to the stables and enjoyed learning about the history of the farmyard before a quick drink in the courtyard cafe. 

Alton Towers! Once inside the park we all looked at the map and decided what rides we would like to try first. The park itself was very well kept, full of colourful flowers which we admired from the high Skyride Cable Car that took us into the park. 

The thrilling rides certainly didn’t disappoint and we all hid are nerves very well! We rode on rides that were quite tame to the terrifying; Wickerman and Nemesis were amongst our favourite.The Congo River Rapids sent us into a spin through the waterfalls. We got completely soaked. With butterflies in our stomachs the thrill seekers amongst us looped the loop, spun round and around all with huge smile on our faces! 

We headed off to The Heights of Abraham. The cable-car ride gave us beautiful views over Matlock, Bath. We had tours in two caverns and heard the three hundred year history of the lead mine. After lunch at the Vista Cafe we visited the Fossil Factory. 

At the Matlock Farm Park we had the opportunity to feed and handle a range of animals from rabbits to tortoise. The brave amongst us even got to hold a snake! 

Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country with Midi & Candy

  Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country  

Our first destination was in Wensleydale, to visit the Wensleydale Creamery where we observed demonstrations on how cheese and butter is made. We took photos with Wallace and Gromit and at the end, got to taste the many different cheeses on offer. We learnt lots of new and interesting facts.

After a scenic drive through the countryside we arrived at The Woolpack pub where we had a lovely lunch. Then, the day got even better, when the friendly staff in the pub gave us the opportunity to get behind the bar to pull a pint. For that moment, everyone had the chance to be the Landlord or Landlady of the Woolpack. 

At Sid’s Cafe we had a warm drink and took photos with all the memorabilia.

We boarded the Summer Wines Magic tour bus. The tour took us around the village where they shot the longest running comedy series ever. The whole tour was very educational and a lot of fun. 

We visited the Goathland railway station, went up to the village shops and visited Aidensfield garage. Whilst there, we bought more souvenirs and had a picnic lunch at the railway station. 

After a good tour of the small village, we made our way back to the station where we hopped on a steam train for a lovely journey to Whitby which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. 

In the village of Boroughbridge we stopped at the marina where we admired all the different narrow boats, yachts and wide boats that people lived in. We also got the opportunity to go in a cruiser and had a taste of what it would feel to be behind the steering wheel of one. We spent the afternoon enjoying the views of the marina in the beautiful sunshine.