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Father Christmas in Lapland with Phil & Netty

Bursting with festive spirit, we found ourselves in a magical Winter Wonderland. 
The joy of Christmas filled our hearts and souls as we arrived at our beautiful resort in Levitunturi.
At Santa's village we met the very merry Father Christmas in his busy winter workshop.  We sat next to him and had our photo's taken - what a kind and jolly man he was!  We were greeted by elves and watched them hard at work making toys! 
We made scrumptious gingerbreads and festive decorations and drank delightful hot chocolate. 
Sledging was super fun and we whizzed down the snowy hills whooping as we went! 
We mastered the snowmobiles, building up quite a speed and driving in style.

Standing on a huge frozen lake, we were astonished to see the inspiring Northern Lights.  A  fluorescent display of green across the night sky left us wanting more!  What a treat!
The most beautiful huskies led us through the atmospheric forest on their sleigh - boy could they move fast!  What a fantastic experience this was.
Afterwards we stroked some husky puppies and visited a cosy lodge where we gathered around a camp fire and sang songs. 
We took an amazing cable car ride up to the Panorama hotel - it felt like we were on top of the world! 
We danced our Christmas socks off at the Christmas party at our hotel.  We played party games, sang Christmas songs and the great Father Christmas returned with presents and certificates  - what a smasher! 

Winter Sun in Tenerife with Colin, Adrian & Wendy

*! What. A. Holiday! *
Our holiday was an adventure form start to finish in beautiful Tenerife!
We took the stunning mountainous drive up to the National Park in the centre of island to visit the astonishing Mount Teide. 
Our journey took us through lava fields and strange rock formations.
We felt on top of the world as we looked  down on the clouds below. 

We had a fantastic day at the Jungle Park where our adventure started with a dazzling exotic bird display! 
We watched them swoop down and some of them landed on our heads! 

We watched a sea lion show and learnt about how they are trained. We saw many other lovely creatures from lions to marmosets!
We had a magnificent boat trip from the bay in Los Christianos. We were lucky enough to spot some beautiful pilot whales with their fins sticking out and water spraying from their blow holes! We got right up close to them - what a treat.  We even saw some dolphins - this was incredible as we saw them jumping out of the water!
We strolled around the buzzing market in Los Christianos.  The people were bright and vivid and we loved looking at what people were selling on their stalls. 
 We spent time on the beach and cooled down in the sea. We wandered along the promenade and dipped into some lovely little shops, ice creams in hand.   
Each evening we ate some glorious fresh food and danced the nights away in some brilliant bars with live music.  A fabulous holiday loved by all!

Sun, Sea & Sights in Lanzarote with Derek & Mags

Lovely, Luscious Lanzarote here we come!
With the sun shining brightly, we had some wonderful adventures.  We visited the Texas Rancho Park where we saw some beautiful animals and exotic birds.  Our favourite was the stunning Siberian tiger who looked at us with friendly eyes!  We watched an amazing parrot show where the intelligent creatures put on an incredible display!  Some even landed right on top of our heads! 
We watched a fantastic sea lion show and clapped with all of our might!
We went to the Timanfaya National Park to see the breath taking volcanic areas on which Lanzarote is  built.  We watched a cooking demonstration using only the volcanic heat. We had a fabulous camel train ride - what fun! 
We visited a local winery and had a few sips of the local wine - it was delicious!
We relaxed and strolled along the promenade with ice creams, breathing in the fresh sea air. We swam in the warm sea and laid in the sunshine.  We played tennis, archery and mini golf in the ground of our lovely hotel. 
There was also a relaxing lounge area with a huge indoor fish pool which we all found mesmerising!
What a brilliant holiday it was, thank you everyone for a cracking time!