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The Wonders of the Isle of Wight with Isobel & Jon

  The Wonders of the Isle of Wight  

Our evening were packed with amazing entertainment of fantastic cabaret shows and disco dancing until late. 

We visited the stunning model village where we enjoyed looking at the lovely crafted houses, trees and shrubs. 

At the Donkey Sanctuary we met the new arrival Sunny who was just 2 months old.

The boys tried there skill on archery and air rifle shooting, seeing who was the best at hitting the target.

At Needles Park we all had great fun filling varied shapes with coloured sand.

Some took the chair lift down to Alum Bay and got a close up view of the Needles and the Trinity Lighthouse.  

Spanish Coast & PortAventura with Candy, Tini & Phil

Spanish Coast & PortAventura

 We awoke to beautiful sunshine everyday. At the beach we loved spending time relaxing and soaking up the beautiful sunshine!

We truly had an epic time at the PortAventura Park! 
 During our two days at the park we had a terrific time on all the rides from thDragon Khan roller coaster, Swimming Fish, Helicopter, Tea Cups and Waterfall Ride and many more. We all loved meeting the characters parading down the street!

We took a boat trip on a catamaran to a coastal town where we bought some gifts and souvenirs. We had a delicious lunch and ice creams. On the way back we enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery accompanied by a breath of fresh sea air, it was wonderful!

We headed to the historic old town of Taragona. We wandered casually through the market, stopping along the way to barter with the stall holders. We also went to see the impressive Roman amphitheatre in the heart of the city. What a fantastic place!

Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country with Netty & Wendy

Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country
After a beautiful drive across the moors we arrive in Gothland where it's all about the "Heartbeat" series. We visited Scripp's garage, "Aidensfield Arms" pub and saw the original police car. 

At the wonderful cheese factory we tasted some delicious cheese which was made there. We even got to watch a demonstration of how cheese is made which was interesting. 

We visited “The Woolpack” pub in Esholt, the original Emmerdale pub. We enjoyed a drink in the pub and got to see loads of pictures of the famous cast, past and present which was amazing! 

On our train journey everyone sat back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We stopped for lunch in a pretty tea room overlooking the dales before making our way to Botlon Abbey. We wandered around the Abbey and its ruins before a relaxing stroll along the River Wharfe. 

French Countryside & Coast with Michaela & Steve

French Countryside & Coast

In St Valery we boarded on a steam train that took us on a nostalgic journey through the French countryside. We even got to speak to the driver and watch them stoke the engine.

One day we visited the sealife centre. We loved watching the sharks and walked amongs the brightly coloured fish as we were surrounded by tanks of all shapes and sizes in Europes largest sealife centre. 

We went to the beautiful fishing village of Etaples and walked around the huge street market that is held there. Then we went to Hardelot where the Harley Davison motorbike festival was being held. There were Harley Davisons as far as the eye could see. 

 We had a guided tour through the Boves network of underground tunnels and were given amazing facts and stories about it all.

We went to St Omer on a Rando rail. It was a 10km stretch of railway that meandered through the French countryside. 

Our evenings were spent playing friendly tournament of pool or exciting games of ten pin bowling. We also enjoyed trying out the local French food. Delicious!