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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Mags & Adrian

Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside

We all had a fantastic time sailing away on the broads. The scenery was beautiful and so peaceful. We were lucky to see wildlife within its natural habitat.

We went to Sheringham and boarded the poppy line steam railway train to Holt. The engine dates back from 1957 and it was as if we had stepped back in time. We all sat back and enjoyed looking at the stunning coast and countryside. 

We all did such a good job canoeing on the broads. It was so much fun and we all had a good crack at racing each other! 

We boarded on The Nancy B II where we all had the chance to drive the boat. We all did a fabulous job and felt like the real captain! Whilst we were on board the crew told us some very interesting stories about the broads.

The Wonders of the Isle of Wight with Phil, Tini & Joh

The Wonders of the Isle of Wight
We experienced spectacular views from the top of Alum Bay cliffs. We could see the picturesque Needles, the beautiful multi-coloured sand cliffs and the incredible turquoise sea.

We had the best entertainment every evening during our staying, from live bands to great comedians and dazzling shows. We danced and sang the night away!

Some of us were very skilled and lucky to have won prizes at the fair ground.
We had great fun at "hook a duck"! 

At the sand crafting shop we filled souvenir shapes with different coloured sand. 

We visited the fantastic Glass Blowing Factory and watched many items being made whilst we were there.
After cream teas in the sun we went to visit the donkey sanctuary where we all enjoyed petting and feeding the cute donkeys.

We went to the Isle of Wight Zoo and fed some very hungry cheeky goats. We saw many different animals whilst we were there. 

At the Model Village we had a fantastic time! It was so much fun walking around; we felt like giants next to the small houses.

Blackpool with Steve & Michaela

  Spectacular Blackpool  

At the ballroom we loved watching the professional dancers in their beautiful gowns putting on a medley of dances. At the top of the Blackpool Tower the views were incredible. Some brave souls even stepped onto the glass bottomed floor.

What a cracking time we had at Madame Tussauds! 
We mingled with the stars and had our picture taken.

We visited the world museum and saw lots of different attractions including; the space centre, The Mayan exhibition, the natural history                                                         exhibition and much more.

At the Sea Life Centre we saw a huge variety of fascinating sea creatures. From clever octopus, big sharks, giant crabs, colourful reef and many more. They even have a nursery for baby rays.

In the Beautiful seaside town of St Anne's we did some sightseeing and a spot of shopping for gifts and souvenirs. It was so lovely to walk along the sea front and on the pier where we had ice cream. Yummy!!! 

We all had a great time in Blackpool and our evenings were spent in lovely restaurants or having BBQ's at our accommodation. We also loved boogieing the night away on the dance floor! 

Music, Dance & Arts Festival - Latitude with Derek & Mags

Music, Dance & Arts Festival - Latitude

Watch out Latitude, here we come! We were buzzing with excitement as soon as we saw the first glimpse of the festival. 

During our time at the festival, we saw many wonderful musicians and bands in all of the different stages, ALT-J, Laura Marling, Jose Gonzales, the fantastic Gareth Malone Voices & the Audience Choir, Noel Gallagher's higth Flying Birds and many many more! We did a lot of dancing and singing to all the songs we knew! 

There was so much to see at the festival so we wandered around stopping at different areas where artists were showing off there skills from enchanted poetry,  hilarious acting and a lot of people parading with bright fancy dress! The family festival included funfair, literature tent and comedy tent.

In the wood we saw a very cool graphic artist, 
his painting was so colourful!

The food stalls were amazing, there were so much to choose from! 

In the few days before the festival kicked off, we had some relaxing time on the broads at Wroxham.

In Great Yarmouth we had a fantastic night. In the "Hippodrome" where we saw some brilliant circus acts!

We truly had a fantastic time at Latitude! Another great festival and we can't wait to come again next year!