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Center Parcs with Colin & Mel

Center Parcs is always a popular resort with our holidaymakers and returning for this holiday we were fortunate to not only be able to experience many of the activities offered in the park but we were also able to enjoy all the Christmas festivities that had been arranged.
The weather was perfect all week and on our many walks we were able to view the very colorful foliage and enjoy seeing many of the wild animals and birds that live in the woods. On a couple of occasions we stopped to feed the Ducks, Swans and Geese.
Everyone had a good laugh at the singing reindeer that were stabled just outside the main entrance and the extensive decorations made the whole place feel very festive.
During the week we had our customary game of ten pin bowling which was quite competitive as always and having agreed for the men to challenge the girls, the girls came out the winners !!!
Some of us spent time in the tropical swimming pool and there was also time for a little shopping but the most popular place all week was the disco. Everyone enjoyed spending the evenings dancing the night away and every night we ended up being the last to leave the floor. As happens on many of our holidays we were joined on the dance floor by a number of other young holiday makers who included us in their dances.
Again the end of the week came much too quickly but we left Center Parcs having had a great week.

Cuba with Derek & Pat

Arriving at our hotel after a long journey was very exciting! We unpacked and had a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants. As we were all rather tired, we plumped for a reasonably sensible night.

Every day we woke to beautiful sunshine. Breakfast was good and a typical day was either spent at the pool, taking in the rays and swimming or looking over the sea sitting on a beautiful white beach. Bruce enjoyed the beach and sea the best as it was more fun with the waves. Also I think there were other beautiful sights on the horizon!

It had been Eugennie’s birthday, so she spent time relaxing by doing some fantastic colouring with her new pastel pencil crayons in her colouring books. Eugennie liked the pool best as she felt safer than being in the sea. She took nice long walks along the beach that stretched for miles.

On Wednesday we took a trip to Havana to enjoy the architecture and to see many old American style motor cars. There were some beauties. We went into the cathedral and then had a horse and carriage ride around the city before lunch in one of the best restaurants in Havana! It was a good day and we all enjoyed our day out.

The hotel had some fantastic dancing and musical shows in the evenings and also had a wonderful water show! There was much music and dancing in spots all around the hotel....and not only in the evenings. It was quite infectious. The staff were extremely friendly and it helped make our holiday a great success.

Every night we had to chose which restaurant to try out.....Cuban, Japanese, Italian and of course the buffet. It was all very nice.

We really enjoyed the company of Eugennie & Bruce and look forward to seeing them again next year.

Tenerife with Colin & Wendy

Everyone looked forward to a week of winter sun as we set off for Tenerife from Gatwick airport and fortunately no one was disappointed. After arriving at Tenerife's Southern airport it was just a short drive to our hotel in Los Christianos.
Everyone was pleased with our spacious rooms at the hotel and the dining room not only offered a good time frame for us to attend breakfast and dinner but also the choice of food was excellent.....something for everyone.
We spent the week keeping pretty active with short walks to the sea front, refreshments in a number of different bars and taking time to relax around the hotel pool.
One of our trips out included a boat trip to see the pilot whales and dolphins that swim past the Island and for all of us it was a great sight to see the whales swimming alongside the boat. On the way back in we were also delighted to spot dolphins as well.
We hired a minibus for a couple of days and ventured out into the mountains to first take in the amazing sights of Tenerifes notorious volcano, Teide and then we drove to a little village called Masca, high in the mountains beyond Los Gigantes that is only accessed by a very narrow winding road......Amazing scenery !!!
On another day we spent our time in the Jungle Park, which claims to be the only jungle in Europe. We had a great time watching the bird shows and seeing many animals, including Leopards, jaguars pumas and 2 very rare white lions.
A couple of evenings we went into the main street of Los Christianos and Las Americas but most nights we enjoyed the varied entertainment that was performed at our hotel.
The perfect weather that we had just made the whole week go much too fast and non of us were keen to return to wet and windy England.