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Butlins, Fun & disco with Steve & Michaela

~Off to Brilliant Butlins for another fabulous holiday!~ 
Our week was jam packed full of fun and bursting with adventure!  We had a super time at the fun fair and braved many of the rides!  We did some lovely sightseeing in Lynmouth, Porlock and Exmoor (where we had a delightful cream tea lunch)!
We took a beautiful steam train ride to Watchet, a charming little coastal town with a buzzing marina. We loved looking at the quaint houses and shops set on the old port.  The views out to sea were just wonderful. 
We had a cracking Cornish Pasty in Lynmouth and watched the surfers riding the waves!  We dipped into some lovely little shops where we bought some souvenirs to take home for friends and family.
We spent our evenings dancing our socks off and chatting to the Red Coats!  We saw many fantastic shows including The Beatles, Frankie Vallie, and a Blues show.  We sang along to the ones that we knew and impressed everyone with our moves!
Another fabuolous week loved by everyone! See you soon Butlins!

The Magic of EuroDisney with John and Netty

Our amazing holiday was bursting with MAGIC, SURPRISE and ADVENTURE
We were so thrilled to meet our favourite Disney characters and get their autographs. It was wonderful to be so close to them. 
They were ever so friendly and they shook our hands and made us laugh!
We watched a fantastic Halloween Special Parade that took our breath away!  Our senses were brought to life as we took in the sights, sounds and colours of this spectacular display!
Everyone loved the rides and some of us even braved Space Mountain! What a thrill!  We whizzed round on the Mad Hatters Teacups and waved as we went round on the Carousel!  The paddle steamer on the lake was superb - we saw lots of beautiful wildlife and magical scenes set in the trees!
The Disney Studios were a big hit with everyone.  We saw an amazing car stunt show - we couldn't believe our eyes as they zoomed past us and did the most amazing tricks! 
We watched with delight and wonder at the Closing Show at the Disney Castle.  We 'oooooo'd' and 'aaaahhhhh'd' at the stunning firework display and felt very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful event! 

What a magical and spectacular holiday it was - we wanted to stay forever!

Farm Experience & Zoo with Adrian, Pat & Mags

What a wonderful time we had on our holiday!  We had first hand experience on the farm, feeding the animals and milking the cows.  Our souls were warmed as our fluffy friends came to say hello!
We had a fabulous day at Colchester Zoo.  We waved at the huge lions and watched them stride proudly around their enclosure.  We went to the African Plains and greeted the elephants, giraffes, zebras and ostriches.  We saw lemurs, wallabies, monkeys, snakes, insects, hippos and many more amazing animals.  We even got to hold the giant stick insects and see the cockroaches up close!
Our days at the farm were brilliant.  The man showing us around was very friendly and told us lots about the animals.  We fed the cows, sheep & donkeys. There were llamas, Shetland ponies and a lovely pond with ducks and geese.  We laughed at the chickens who ran around enthusiastically! 
We had a brilliant morning at Barleylands where we were entertained by Ray at the Leather Centre!  He kindly gave us feathers to keep.  We saw rabbits of all shaped and sizes and more goats, sheep and cows!  The museum was very interesting and we spent lots of time looking round.
We visited the Promenade Park at Maldon which was lovely as the sun was shining brightly.  On our way home we went to Tropical Wings Zoo where we got to know some more fascinating animals!
What a fabulous and interesting holiday! 

Florida, Swim with Dolphins with Phil & Wendy

Our unforgettable holiday was  bursting with adventure!  Starting each day with a delicious American Breakfast, we were raring to go.
We met Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, The Muppets, Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Shrek and many more of our favourite characters! 
We couldn't get enough of the rides at the Parks - we especially loved Splash Mountain and the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!  We saw an incredible Lights Camera Action Car Stunt show - it took our breath away!
The impressive and beautiful parades gave us such delight and we waved as they went by! We especially loved the Disney night time parade and were dazzled by the display!
We loved our time at the Universal Studio's! We experienced the might of the Terminator, flew with E.T, had a manic ride with The Simpsons and a shoot out with The Men in Black!  We explored the new Dragon Alley in the Wizardly World of Harry Potter and encountered some huge dinosaurs on the Jurassic River adventure! 

At Epcot we explored the history of communication on the Spaceship Earth Ride inside the giant golf ball!  We rode in the sea with Nemo and friends and met some amazing real life turtles, fish , sharks and manatees!

Our trip to Discovery Cove was an awesome experience - we swam with the dolphins and learnt lots of interesting facts about them!
Everybody adored our day at Animal Kingdom - we boarded Safari trucks and saw giraffes, elephants, gorillas, hippo's and many more fantastic animals!
We had a relaxing day at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. We lounged on sun beds in the shade of beautiful palm trees and drifted round the river in huge inflatable rings. 
What a fantastic and unforgettable holiday it was!