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EuroDisney with Colin & Mags

We set off on our journey to Disneyland Paris in glorious sunshine and after crossing the channel to Calais we were soon on our way to the Eurodisney Resort where we were staying at the Santa Fe, one of the Disney Hotels.
During our stay at Disney we managed to experience many of the shows and attractions that both the Disney Park and Disney Studios had to offer.
After having breakfast in the Hotel each day we were soon off on the short bus ride to the parks and there we stayed until closing going on many of the rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear and several others.
We stopped each day to watch the colourful parades and in the Disney park we were fortunate to see the first running of the 20th Anniversary parade. We also saw a number of shows and managed to get many character autographs, obviously including the main characters Mickey and Minnie !!!
In the evenings we dined at Buffalo Bills, Planet Hollywood and a lovely Italian Restaurant and even found time for the customary shopping trip for souvenir's and presents.
On our way home we finished off our holiday having lunch on the ferry at the lovely Langans restaurant, something that we look to do on all our trips back from France.
Our few days away seemed like a much longer time given everything that we did in glorious weather and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Butlins, Fun & Disco with Derek, Wendy & Adrian

As usual, we made for a nice country pub for our lunch break before arriving at Butlins Skegness.

We were so lucky, as we had marvellous weather all week!
Our accommodation was up to its usual high standard. Every morning we would start the day with a leisurely breakfast, with a choice of yoghurt, cereals, fresh fruit, fruit juices & a choice of a full cooked breakfast.

One of the first things that the majority of our group wanted to do was to go swimming. Jade was the most adventurous and went down the water flumes at least six times as the others either swam or whirled around the rapids. Jade had such a good time that she went again the next day.

We all enjoyed 10-pin bowling and managed to get two games in during our stay. Carl was our highest scorer in our first game, whilst Michelle won the final game. Derek & Adrian had their own competition and each won one game. Wendy came third.....nothing new there then!

Time was spent in the fun fair. It seems as though the favourite ride was the carousel. Michelle was the most adventurous and went on the scarier rides. Carl was happy in the dodgems! The side stalls kept our group interested and Linda had a go at the darts and others hooked a duck and won some furry friends.

On one of the sunny days we took a walk along the prom and ended up with an ice cream....yummy!

There were several occasions to play the slot machines. No money was ever won, but there were some small prizes that our group won.
Souvenirs & presents were bought in the Butlins shops. Hopefully everybody will be happy with small gifts.

Before we headed for the entertainment venues we would go for dinner. We went to Pappa Johns and to the Sun & Moon pub on site. We also went off site to the best fish & chip shop in Skegness (according to the locals).

The evenings were spent in the “Centre Stage” where we enjoyed the fantastic shows and danced late into the night. It was hard to drag Janice away. She was the star of the floor. Jade was so taken with one of the acts that she managed to get an autograph from the lead singer, which was the highlight of her evenings! Linda would dance with Derek, away from the dance floor, whilst the rest of the gang joined Linda & Jade on the floor.

Eventually it was time to pack up our bags and head for home, saying our farewells to Butlins. We stopped at a very nice restaurant before saying our goodbyes to each other as we split in several directions.

Potters Leisure Resort with Derek & Wendy

We all met up at a lovely country pub for lunch and then continued to the 5* leisure resort of Potters.

After unpacking, we explored the resort and acquainted ourselves with all the wonderful facilities that Potters offers.

The food is plentiful and of a very high standard. We had a great choice at all meal times and waitress service is always nice to make you feel a little bit special. The dining room is lovely, light and airy.

During the days we spent most of time in the resort enjoying the many different quizzes, dart competitions, pool, 10 pin-bowling, curling competitions, card making, archery, air rifle target shooting and bingo. We had a good laugh with the wonderful entertainment staff that always seemed to be around the resort.

We won one of the quizzes and received a prize of “it’s nearly champagne” that Jacqueline took home. Michael was the best player in the curling team and helped us win the competition, winning gold medals for us all. He also got very lucky one evening and won the bingo! Jacqueline and Wendy won the “Bull’s-eye” darts competition. Paul and Derek had their own pool competition, of which ended in a draw.

We did take ourselves off for a wander in the shopping area of Great Yarmouth on the second afternoon of our break.

Each evening we ventured into the Atlas Theatre for some really magnificent shows. This was where Roger excelled on the dance floor, with his dancing and singing. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves every evening. After the shows ended in the Atlas Theatre we would then go into the Terrace Bar and enjoy more entertainment from the Potters team. It was a good mixture of music and comedy! If you were still hungry, there was always a midnight supper!!

Eventually it is home time and we had to say goodbye to Potters. It’s great to think that there will be other holidays for JollyDays at Potters as we had such a fabulous time. We left in time to have a lunch in another beautiful Suffolk pub before making the final journey home.