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Bowling & Pool Competition- Nottingham with Duncan, Tracey & Dan

 Bowling & Pool Competition- Nottingham

It was game on as we headed to the snooker & pool club to kick start the first round of our tournament. After picking our lucky cue’s, we put our names into a hat which determined who would play who. It was then game on! We had some amazing pool players and sometimes the competition was too close to call. After a couple of hours of intense action, the four semi-finalists were decided for tomorrow! 

We were all in high spirits as we made our way to the bowling alley to begin the first round of our bowling competition. We had two games with some amazing high scores and quite a few strikes. This was going to be a very close match indeed!

We spent our holiday pennies, trying our luck on the fun arcade games.

There was lots of ‘fighting talk’ as we made our way back to the pool and snooker club for day two of the tournament. We quickly racked up the balls and before long the semi-finals got underway. On Table 1 it was a nail-biting match between Luke vs Peter and on Table 2 it was a tense game between Alan vs Jamie. All the boys pulled out the stops and eventually we had our two finalists- Luke and Alan! The tensions were running high throughout the final match and at times it was too close to call. Balls were being potted at a fast rate and it was all very exciting. 

As the black was potted, there was a huge round of applause for Luke as we crowned him the overall champion of the tournament. Every participant received a medal for their great sportsmanship and effort. 

 Luke was awarded a very shiny trophy for being victorious.

All the players were very nervous and excited at the same time and we all had our eye on the big prize! The third and final leg of the bowling contest commenced and there was some serious competition. Tensions were very high as we all concentrated on our game, closely watching the other players to keep an eye on their scores! It was an extremely close competition, and everyone was keen to find out who had come out on top and who would be the overall champs of the competition. Two names, however kept standing out and they were Alan and Luke. They both had been playing their best games and it came down to a two-point difference. Our bowling champion was Alan! We couldn’t believe how close the game was. 

Combining all the scores together from the last few days, we soon had our overall winner from both tournaments. We held an awards presentation where everyone was presented with a medal and certificate for their participation. It was a special way to end the competition.

After a drum roll, there was a huge round of applause for Alan, our ultimate champion!

Potters Leisure Resort with Midi & Netty

 Potters Leisure Resort 

The festivities began the minute we arrived at Potters. We were treated to a Christmas meal and we couldn't wait to the get the party started by pulling our crackers and wearing our party hats.  

A day on the river was the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful, crisp winters day. We all took it it turns to be the captain and steer the boat along the calm water. 

We managed to do a bit of wildlife spotting as we walked along the woodland path. 

Every night was party night at Potters and we loved dancing away to all the amazing live shows showing off our groovy moves. 

We headed to the bowling alley for a few friendly but competitive games. With plenty of hire scores and a few strikes we crowned Debbie our winner. 

Keen to make use of the amazing activities on offer we made our way down to the archery shed and after a few practice shots we soon had mastered the technique, giving Robin Hood a run for his money! Katie and Elizabeth got the highest score and were rewarded with a medal for their performances. 

Next, it was time to have a go at riffle shooting. With our eye on the prize, we fired our pellets at the targets in front of us. After our second round and much improved scores, the whole crowd applauded as Elizabeth hit the bullseye! We were rewarded with another medal, some making it two medals. We spent the rest of the day showing our prized, new jewellery to everyone we passed by. It made for a great conversation starter!

One evening, after dinner we took our seats at the Atlas Bar where the much anticipated Mrs Browns Boys took to the stage and invited our group to join in with a dance along. She entertained us all with her funny, witty remarks and jokes. We even had a chance for a photo at the end.