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Norfolk- Boats, Trains & Seaside with Andy & Netty

Norfolk- Boats, Trains & Seaside
 We were so excited for our first boat trip on the Norfolk Broads. We got comfy on our cruiser boat and set sail. What a fantastic trip we had, seeing so many lovely cottages, boats and wildlife that lived on the Broads; graylag geese, herons and kingfishers. 

After going under Ludham bridge, we stopped for an ice-cream, soaking up our wonderful surroundings. 

 We headed to the bowling alley and enjoyed some friendly, yet competitive games of bowling. It was nail biting stuff with some great strikes and high scores. 

 We put on our life jackets and set off on our adventure in our canoe boats. It was great fun working together as a team, navigating our way around the lake. 

 Once back on dry land, we went on a lovely nature walk spotting more of the local wildlife at Barton Broad Boardwalk. A wonderful afternoon in the sunshine. 

 Another beautiful day dawned as we took our seats on board the sailing boat. We all had the chance to put up the sail, but as the weather was so nice there wasn't enough wind! Luckily the boat had an electric engine which took us to How Hill where we had a delicious ice cream at Toad Hole cottage.

 A great afternoon was spent in Great Yarmouth,  at Merrival Model Village. We saw lots of amazing tiny buildings and village scenes. Some of them were so life like.

We couldn't wait for our trip on The Regiment Steam Train. We arrived at Holt station as the stream engine pulled up; there is no smell quiet like it. Enjoying our ride on the comfy old-fashioned carriages,  riding alongside beautiful scenery. 

 We never miss a photo opportunity!

Stopping off in the seaside town of Sheringham we ventured down to the beach and dipped our feet in the chilly sea! We couldn't come to the beach without enjoying a traditional fish and chip supper. 

 We visited the spectacular hippodrome circus. What a fantastic show, seeing so many talented performers from dare devil dirt bike stunt riders to amazing acrobatics! A real treat.

 Another day was spent on our luxury motor boat, cruising down the narrow river. Once in the open waters, we all got a turn to drive the boat. An experience we will never forget. 

Legoland- Denmark with Mick & Candy

Legoland- Denmark

 The sun shone as we arrived at Legoland in Denmark. As we drove closer, the excitement built as we marvelled at the wonderful Logo House, made of (very big) Lego bricks, and we enjoyed climbing on the wooden play structures, splashing in the water maze and having our photo taken on the sculptures around the Lego House and  town trail. 

We loved having our photos taken with the Lego characters. We couldn't believe how many bricks were used to make one figure. 

We started off our day in Lego World. The models were amazing! Such intricate detail we learnt, went into making the moving ships, cars, planes and lorries. Our favourite scene was watching the tiny Lego firemen rescue a cat from a tree. We watched the Lego lock gates opening and closing to move the boats on the Lego canal. It was really interactive and we had such fun pushing buttons to make the exhibits move, turn on sounds and light up all around the Lego World areas. 

More rides after lunch but the more gentle ones like the train tour and the amazing revolving tower, where we had panoramic views of the park.

At Atlantis we saw real sea life swimming with Lego sea divers and were able to touch the sea creatures in the rock pools. We were in time to watch the real penguins being fed and we listened to the keeper tell us about how they are looked after. 

 More of our favourite characters meant more photo opportunities. 

A day at Zootopia exceeded our expectations. First, we wandered around and saw a huge variety of animal enclosures including elephants, monkeys and giraffes.  A real treat was seeing the gorilla family including the huge Silver-back;the male boss. We watched them play from just across the river. We drove through the lion enclosure two times watching the pride of lions. An unforgettable experience was watching the lioness feed her cub.  

The final area took us back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. We wandered around looking at the large number of life size models of dinosaurs and ended up trying our hand at fossil finding. Any 'treasure' we found, we were allowed to take home.  

Another memorable day was spent at Legoland and as we climbed the stairs of the Lego House, we we were enchanted by the huge number of bricks used to make the magical tree that stood in the middle of the building; its branches and leaves towering above us. It was our turn to get creative and we spent the afternoon making creatures, flowers, butterflies and also moving models with wheels that we could then race! We went into the Museum of Lego and saw how it had developed over the years from wood into plastic. 

We love nothing more than a friendly bit of competition and we enjoyed a nail biting game of bowling to finish off our day. There were epic strikes and lots of high scores, but best of all great sportsmanship all round.