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These are the lucky winners of the JollyDays Supported Holidays Competition who have won a free holiday to EuroDisney Paris.
The competion recently appeared in the May edition of 'OurSay'.

Derek presented the prize to the Swindon based group, who will decide amongst themselves who will be the lucky person to experience the 'Magic of Disney'.

The winning entry wrote:

“I would like to go on a Jollydays Supported Holiday because... it would be a wonderful experience and a holiday to always remember. It would be a break away from normal life and a great chance to meet new people. I would like the thrill of the rides with the wind through my hair.”

Out and About on the Isle of Wight

Another fantastic holiday was had by the JollyDays customers and the team members. The weather was beautiful, there was so much to see and do.

Fun filled days on the island, a visit to Queen Victoria's home, Osborne House where we rode in a horse drawn carrieage, viewed the house and had a picnic in the grounds.
We also visited the Amazon World wildlife park and saw some amazing creatures.

The evenings were spent watching the shows, dancing and out bowling.Well done to Stuart who managed to beat Colin into second place.......I think Colin probably had some lessons in bowling from Pat!!!
The group visited the Needles and filled up their shapes with multi coloured sand.
We also visited the donkey sanctuary and fed the donkeys with grass.
As always we ate lovely food and enjoyed the odd drink too.

Hoping we see you again from Colin and Pat (JollyDays team members)