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Bowling & Pool Competition - Essex with Phil, Isobel & Pat

🎳 Bowling & Pool Competition - Essex 🎱

We made our way to the Pool &Snooker club where the Competition got under way.  Each of the group played 6 games which would determine the semi finalists. The following day the finalists were eager to get underway and played some very close games.  With the support of the rest of the group the pair battled it out with Clarke eventually winning 2-1 an absolutely fantastic final and a huge well done to all the players who showed great sportsmanship throughout.

At the bowling alley we started the bowling competition, a fun time with quite a few strikes and great high scores which will be carried over and added up on the final day.  Everyone was keen to play the final which was a fantastic display of high scoring, after finishing the games we all headed off for lunch and a chance for the bowling scores to be added up. 

The overall Winner of the Pool and Bowling Competion was Clarke
Well done🏆

An award was also given to the highest scorer in the ladies bowling competition which was presented to Rishna 🏆

Everyone was presented with a medal for both pool and bowling and a lovely certificate for participating in the competition and a huge round of applause for all the great scores and the great sportsmanship shown between the group.
A huge well done to all that participated and to the winners!!!


The Island of Malta with Steve, Michaela & John

  The Island of Malta  

We visited Mdina, a beautiful walled town with ancient cobbled streets. Here we explored the town and marvelled in all its delights. We stopped for some shopping and ice cream along the way.

We also visited the ancient cathedral and museum which was incredible.

 We took a boat trip around the three harbours and Valleta. We had a fantastic time aboard the boat taking in all the delights of the Maltese coast. 

Our evenings were spent in lovely restaurants and bars, we especially enjoyed the Elvis Presley bar where we sang along with the entertainer and danced late into the night. 

We went to one of the most amazing car museums in Europe.  We marvelled at all the different makes and models on show there.  We watched a movie and had our photos taken with our favourite types. 

At the Malta aquarium we had a fantastic time. We saw over a hundreds types of different fish. Walking through the shark tunnel was a great experience.

In the beautiful sunshine we visited the capital Valleta. a wonderful day wandering the streets of this ancient city. We watched the canons being fired at the castle and the guards by the palace.

At the beach we enjoyed refreshing swims in the sea and played fun beach game's.

Exmoor Activity Centre with Midi & Lorraine

  Exmoor Activity Centre  

At the reservoir we were given 4 kayaks - 2 X 2 lashed together to keep them stable and were split into 2 teams. We circumnavigated the reservoir and were set skill exercises and races. The reservoir was beautiful, still and surrounded by high banks and trees. 

The crate stacking activity was very challenging. We had to stack milk crates as high as possible whilst climbing them.The highest stack was 11!

We had great fun in the amazing indoor swimming pool.

We had a fantastic time grooming the lovely horses before we prepared them to be ridden.  We started in the indoor school before a little hack along the beautiful lanes.

We collected wood and made a fire so we could cook some marshmallows and popcorn.

In Lynmouth we took the funicular cliff railway to Lynton and had a fantastic view of the bay. We walked through the Valley of the Rocks with spectacular autumnal scenery.

we went out on the bikes through the wooded waterside. Somme were on recumbent bikes and others on 2 person - 4 wheeled bikes. We had races and biked around he reservoir.

At the climbing wall we began with some skill exercises. Everyone took part and climbed 2 or more of the walls which were of varying difficulty. We then abseiled down after the climbs. 

One evening we went to the local pub and enjoyed a few games of pool. At the centre we had a disco night, everyone got on the dance floor for a boogie!