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Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country with Steve & Michaela

  Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country  

 We had a great time the Heartbeat Village, Scripps Garage, the post office and all the other locations where filming took place. 

We made our way over to Embsay to catch the steam train ride to Bolton Abbey. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves as we chatted and chugged along on the steam train. 

In Emmerdale we wandered around the village, taking many photos as we took in the sights, and stopped at the post office to buy some Emmerdale souvenirs. The Woolpack pub was next stop on the list – everyone enjoyed the atmosphere in the pub while having a refreshment and taking more pictures.

 We visited an animal farm and saw many pigs, cows and horses. We were also able to feed and pet the different animals.

On our last day we visited the famous Wensleydale cheese factory to sample all the different cheeses and to see how they are made. We also watched some Rope makers making some rope and browsed the gift shop.

Wales – The Doctor Who Experience with Darren & Isobel

  Wales – The Doctor Who Experience  

In the exhibition, we were met by the curator, who took us into a room where the doctor appeared on a large screen and gave us instructions that we had to follow in order to save the Universe. The aim was to find 3 crystals.

Our first mission was to get the 1st crystal from the Daleks End. The 2nd crystal was in the graveyard with the Weeping Angels. We then had to wear 3D glasses in order to locate the 3rd crystal. Once all 3 crystals were located, they had to be placed in order so that we could travel through space to save our universe!

With the use of the green screen technology we had our photo taken on one of the many TARDIS sets. 

The Doctor Who Experience hosts the world’s most extensive collection of original Doctor Who props and artifacts, including new props, sets and costumes from Peter Capaldi’s debut series as well as sets and monsters from throughout the history of the world’s longest-running sci-fi series.

We headed to Kidwelly Castle - which was built for defence with arrow loops, a drawbridge and a wooden grille. The castle had spectacular views over the surrounding town and countryside.

In Blaenafon we visited the Big Pit National Coal Museum. Here we were given an underground tour by a former miner which gave us a taste of what life was like for those who made their living at the coal face. 

New Forest & Hampshire County Show with Phil & Lesley

  New Forest & Hampshire County Show  

At the main ring we watched amazing performances from a heavy horse display which was breathtaking, show jumpers competing against one another and a very exciting motocross stunt display.

We watched the Grand Parade of prize winning cattle, it was a wonderful sight with the very best of livestock.

At the livestock marquee we saw an amazing variety of breeds from rabbit to duck, horses to cows and many more.

There were many stand selling a variety of unique hand crafted products and all sorts of delights from clothing to homeware, jewellery to hand bag and much much more.

We watched the Old Time Farming Section in celebrating 100 years of the Ford Tractor. We watched the grand parade where we saw how the tractors have changed over the years.

At the Beaulieu Museum we took a trip around the resort on a monorail. We saw some amazing cars which included Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a caravan made entirely from Lego, and a bed on wheels!  We went on an interesting ride taking us through the ages of different cars.