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Farm Experience & Zoo with Midi & Netty

  Farm Experience & Zoo  

We were all in high spirits and excited for the animals we would be meeting at Colchester Zoo!

We explored the park and enjoyed seeing our favourite wild animals. Among the highlights of the day was the female elephant that swayed side to side in harmony with the music playing near the elephant enclosure. We were convinced she was dancing!

We were mostly impressed by the sheer size of the lion and were very lucky to take photos near him with only the glass keeping us apart.

 The other highlight was feeding nectar to the beautiful, colourful birds. A few even decided to land on some of the group.

At the Farm, we were welcomed by Roy, who is the head of the farm. Roy showed us round his farm and introduced us to all the animals. We were all impressed with how educational the tour was proving to be. Everyone enjoyed meeting the farm animals but most impressively, we all thoroughly enjoyed feeding milk to the lambs, feeding the llamas and seeing how the farm milked their flock of sheep, which later is sent to a dairy farm to turn into cheese. We spent the best part of three hours looking around the farm and learning about the different farm animals.

 We then took it in turns to milk Lucy the cow and to hold the fluffy, yellow chicks!

At the bowling alley we got into two teams: Midi's and Netty's team and battled it out to see who could score the most points! Some of us had never bowled before and we were all impressed with how well they did. With everyone thoroughly enjoying the friendly competition and lively atmosphere, we concluded the match with Netty's team winning.

On this sunny day we made our way to Southend. Before laying our eyes on the pebble beaches of Southend, we stopped at a farm along the way. We walked around the farm while we admired the animals that resided there and all enjoyed hand feeding them.

Everyone was excited to have a go at the famous penny machines on the Southend pier. We all had a go at different arcade games and the penny machines. 

On our last day, we made our way to a Military Museum. We had the opportunity to admire the vast collection of weapons, uniforms and artillery on show. Some of us even dressed up in the military uniforms and wore the metal armour to experience a brief insight to what it may feel like to be a soldier. 

Attractions of Blackpool with Colin & Isobel

  Attractions of Blackpool  

On top of the Blackpool tower we walked onto the glass floor to admire the fantastic views. Such a great exciting experience!

By the seafront we spotted the famous horse and carts lined up outside the Tower. We were all eager to take a ride and the ladies chose the lovely pink princess carriage.  Most of us had never experienced this before and were absolutely thrilled, waving to the public and everyone took the time to wave back at us.

At the ballroom we enjoyed tea and cake whilst we were listening to the organist and watched couples dancing in this spectacular venue. It was then our turn to take the opportunity to have a dance in the Ballroom. We were almost as good as the professional dancers!

At the Sealife Centre we were delighted to learn that we were the first to be introduced to the giant sea turtle which had only arrived the previous night. This turtle was a whopping 8 feet long! 

We called into the local shop for some treats and a few gifts to take home before going to the entertainments room and playing in the penny arcades. 

Some of us braved the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, although a little scary we were brave and really enjoyed the whole experience.

We had a brilliant time at the Madame Tussaud's wax museum, we mingle with the rich and famouse and had our photos taken with our favourite celebrities. 

We also visited the petting zoo and managed to stroke the goats, donkeys and baby rabbits. Luckily it was feeding time in the giraffe enclosure so we managed to enjoy watching them being fed up close.