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Blackpool with Phil & Isobel


 We went up to the top of the Blackpool Tower to see the magnificent views, and while up there some even braved walking on the glass floor with the wonderful view underneath! We then visited the famous Ballroom where we all enjoyed a drink and cake before listening to the organist playing some beautiful music while dancers made their way around the dance floor!

At the famous Cavern Club we looked at all the memorabilia from the Beetles as well as other famous musicians who had either played at or visited the club!

We had great fun in Madam Tussauds and had our photos taken with our favourite pop stars, soap stars and sports stars! We visited the Coronation Street set up and had photo opportunities with the Queen and other members of the royal family.

We visited the amazing dinosaur park and saw over 30 dinosaurs including a brachiosaurus, as heavy as ten elephants, T Rex's and a stegosaurus with her baby.

In the evenings we enjoyed regular meals out in lovely country pubs and restaurants. What a fabulous time we had in Blackpool!

The Island of Malta - with Derek, Candy and John

   The Island of Malta   

We boarded a bus to the beautiful walled city of Medina. We strolled through the narrow lanes in between the massive sandstone buildings. It is a lovely city, formally the capital of Malta. There were glorious views as the city is built on the top of a hill. We enjoyed some lunch in the afternoon and did a bit of souvenir shopping at the gift shops there. Many of us took a horse and carriage ride around the old streets; receiving commentary along the way from the experienced driver.

At the National Aquarium we saw a huge variety of fascinating sea creatures. It was a very interesting experience and everyone had a great time.

At the National Classic Car Museum we saw an amazing collection of many different cars and motor bikes. The cars were in immaculate condition and worth an absolute fortune.

We hopped onto a bus and went to the capital city, Valletta. There we walked through the gate of the city and went to Barraca Gardens. It is a beautiful area; high up and overlooking the three cities and harbours beyond! We arrive just before midday which is the same time that they fire one cannon every day of the year. So not only did we get to experience that spectacle but we were also able to enjoy some magnificent views! 

We boarded a ferry that took us across to Vittoriosa. There we wandered along the harbour and viewed the lovely architecture and also the wonderful boats of all sizes and grandeur.

We all had a great time in Malta! Our evenings were spent in lovely restaurants and of course we all loved boogieing the night away on the dance floor!

Exmoor Activity Centre - with Wendy and Ase

Exmoor Activity Centre

Our first challenge was cycling. The majority of us received a three wheeler cycle which allowed you to be almost lying down – they were very comfortable! We drove all around the lake and enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

We got dressed in our harnesses and helmets and went to the abseiling and zip-wire riding. Everybody was very brave with each person trying it out even if they were nervous – a great achievement to everyone that they were able to push through the fright and do it! 

At the horse stables we were introduced to the horses and were taught how to groom and look after a horse. Their smallest pony was a gorgeous mini Shetland called Pilgrim - he was not much bigger than a big dog! We all took turns to lead him around an agility course. Everyone was very brave and went for a ride too! 

Another day, we all took a trip to Exmoor Zoo – which has a range of unusual animals. We were able to feed some wallabies, pet the Al Pacas, snakes, spiders and rabbit!

We had a fabulous time sailing boat and canoeing on the lake. A great adventure was had by all and we all shared many laughs.

We participated on many fun activity including,archery, puzzles and numerous challenges. Some of the puzzles were more difficult than others but we all worked as a group to solve them together! Good work team!

Our evening were spent playing friendly tournament of  pool, table football and quiz night. There was also a
Halloween Disco in the evening which involved lots of ‘spooky’ dancing! 

We enjoyed playing a few different water games in the swimming pool!