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New Year's Party with Ollie, Pat, Phil & Sandra

New Year's Party!!!

A very Happy New Year to all!  After changing into our finest clothes we were ready to watch the amazing firework display! 

The dance floor was packed as we counted down to midnight, waving our Union Jack flags and singing along to some old favourite songs. What a fantastic night!

We watched the panto of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. It was an amazing performance and we hissed and booed with the rest of the audience and we managed to get a few pictures with the cast too!

Every evenings we were treated of fun with music show, quizzes and more singing and dancing.

On our way to christmas dinner we were welcomed into the dinner by some Scottish bag pipes. Amazing!!!

There were so many activities to choose from, we all took part in quizzes, archery, dance classes, snooker, table tennis, bell ringing, choir singing and much much more!

Twixmas on the Isle of Wight with Steve, Michaela, Isobel, Andy & Faye


Twixmas on the Isle of Wight

Christmas dinner was amazing! We all had so much fun pulling our crackers and putting on our silly hats.

We joined the pop choir where we sang Daydream Believer followed by a class of bell ringing where we learned to play jingle bells. We thoroughly enjoyed this and it provided lots of fun and laughter.

One day we headed to Newport for a nice stroll on a beautiful sunny day, it was the perfect chance for everyone to buy gifts and souvenirs from the small shops.

We watched an amazing Falconry display where we learned interesting fact about Vultures, Kestrels and Owls. We were even able to hold them and have pictures taken. 

There were many activities to participate in during our stay at Norton Grange such as; bingo, ten-pin bowling, curling, snooker & archery to name a few. 

We enjoyed our evenings watching fabulous shows from the entertainment team! As usual we were the last to leave the dance floor!

We all enjoyed watching the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk whilst eating a complimentary ice cream. 

Our trip to the Donkey Sanctuary was awesome! We all enjoyed stroking the donkeys soft fur. It was lovely to see them being so well looked after.

We visited the West Wight Alpacas & Lama Centre, we met some of the new born lambs and where thrilled to be able to stroke them and many more animals.

Christmas Celebration at Warners with Derek, Wendy, Darren & Candy

Christmas Celebration at Warners 

Christmas Day had arrived and we were all very excited. We started our day by opening some presents before we meet Father Christmas and had our photo taken with him.

Christmas lunch! We made our way into the restaurant where the tables were beautifully decorated for the occasion. We pulled our crackers and donned our hats before enjoying turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas pud.

We sat back and watched the amazing Pantomime of  “Jack and the Beanstalk”

We booed, hissed and cheered along to a really funny performance!

We had fun and energetic sessions of line dancing and Piano feet. We all had a go at stamping our feet on giant floor mat pianos, trying to hit the right notes in the correct order to play some Christmas tunes.

During our stay we watched the absolutely amazing entertainment team put on Christmas shows galore and we clapped and cheered with extra gusto!

 We had a great time playing games of darts, table football and ice hockey. We also took part on outdoor activity that included rifle shooting and archery.