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Disneyland Paris with Phil & Isobel

*Disneyland Paris*

We went on many fun rides including the carousel of Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Buzzlightyear Laser Blast, Aladdin flying carpets, Mad Hatters Tea Cups and Saucer and many more. We especially enjoyed the musical boat tour hosted by the children of the world as we sang along to the music.

We all lined up to watch the parade as we were so excited to see some of our favourite characters.
 As the beautifully decorated floats passed us by we enjoyed waving and cheering.

 We watch the incredible Stunt Show which we were very impressed with. There was fantastic action with cars and motorbikes jumping over fire and vehicles and some very dangerous stunts. This was such a thrill!

 Another magical and spectacular holiday at Disneyland!

Butlins, Fun & Dancing with Derek & Paula

  Butlins, Fun & Dancing  

We went to the funfair and started off with the carousel and some brave souls went onto the Waltzer. It’s not a ride for the feint hearted! We also had a go on the go-karts and sped around the course.


Another day we went to play mini-golf. We obtained our putters and tried our luck on the course.

We went inside to play on the amusements and spent some pennies in the 2p machines. It’s amazing how much fun and also how long you can make your pennies last!

We visited the seal sanctuary. This was a fabulous experience. We got up close to the seals and the penguins. We watched as they were being fed as they zoomed around in the water chasing fish. In the butterfly house they were butterflies flying all around us. There were also alpacas, rare breeds of sheep and turkeys.

One afternoon we went to play ten pin bowling. As usual everyone tried their best to get a strike! Well done all for some excellent scores! 

There was amazing entertainment throughout the week!  We all loved the wonderful pantomime, Aladdin Rocks and of course the famous Red Coat Party Dances. We danced the night away to the fabulous live music from Honeypies. 

The highlight of our last evening was to dance with the Red Coats and even to get the odd hug! What a great end to our lovely week!

Blackpool with Candy & Wendy


At the famous Blackpool Tower we took the lift to the top where we had a breathtaking view of the city and the horizon, some of us even stood on the glass floor. 


We went for a stroll along the North Pier, followed by a tour of the full length of Blackpool beach and had ice cream, of course!!! Yummy!!! 

At the zoo we went to see the amazing Californian sea lion show. They are so outgoing and playful. We wandered around the zoo and also saw elephants, giraffes and plenty more.

We visited the fantastic Madame Tussauds wax museum. We had so much fun having our photos taken with all the famous people on display.

 At the SeaWorld Centre we were fascinated by all the different species of fish and especially liked the shark tunnels. It was the perfect way to see the sea life without getting wet!

We visited the Tower Dungeons; it was fun and sometimes a bit scary. We walked through the dungeons, hearing about the history of Blackpool, and were entertained by the set up and colourful actors. 

 At the ballroom we loved watching the professional dancers in their beautiful gowns putting on a medley of dances.

Cyprus Sun with Steve & Michaela

Cyprus Sun    

We enjoyed spending time by the pool soaking up the glorious sunshine and frequently cooled off in the water. 

  We went for walks along the seafront and around the town to shop for presents and souvenirs. 

Early evenings we enjoyed playing a friendly tournament of pool.

We took a boat trip along the coast where we explored the caves of Cape Greco and visited the Blue Lagoon where some of us swam in the beautiful clear water. The cruise also took us to see the ghost town of Famagusta.

We ate some incredibly delicious food during our holiday, sampling some traditional local cuisine.  

 Our evenings were spent in local bars listening to  brilliant live music. We all enjoyed dancing until late and a few of us even performed karaoke.

 We took a ride to Konnos Bay where we spent the whole day on the beach playing games and swimming. Some of us rented sea Kayaks and explored the crystal clear waters of Konnos.

What a fantastic holiday, full of great memories!