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Zoo & Countryside

This is turning out to be a fantastic summer with yet more great weather. JollyDays Supported Holidays put on a zoo & countryside break for three lovely people from London.

After our customers eased themselves into their lovely accommodation in an Essex village we decided to nip off to Leigh on sea for a drink at the Peterboat and then onto Southend for a trip along the front finishing up with a good old fashioned dish of fish & chips.

Tuesday was our day at the zoo. We all really enjoyed watching the penguins getting fed. Victor liked the giraffes most. The white tiger was so beautiful lazing in the sun. There are so many animals and reptiles to see that it takes all day to appreciate them all.

On Wednesday we spent the day in Cambridge. Our first stop was to the botanic gardens where we looked at the beautiful flowers and enjoyed a picnic in the shade of the trees. After that we went onto the river Camb where Victor & David relaxed in a punt and saw the great architecture of the brideges and colleges. On the way home we stopped off in a pub in a picturesque village before going out to enjoy an evening meal at a Tai restaurant,

Thursday was spent watching a horse show and then going to a craft centre where Patricia, David and Victor bought some presents. We then went through the "Great Maze" and managed eventually to get to the middle without getting lost.
That evening we had a BBQ. It was decided to pick some raspberries, so David volunteered to help Derek and Pat get a couple of punnets filled in between eating a few along the way.
After the BBQ we nipped over the road and had a drink in a local pub and played both pool & darts.

On Friday we headed to the coast again, but this time it was Walton on the Naze where we had a very nice fish & chip lunch and a walk along the prom before going on to the pier and playing ten pin bowling. We finished off our holiday with another ice cream.
Off home we went. Our customers can't wait to come away with JollyDays again. Derek and Pat enjoyed their company and look forward to meeting them again next year.

Painting & Drawing In France 4th July - 10th July

Due to technical problems , we have fewer photos than normal!

Another fantastic holiday with the JollyDays team, this time in a beautiful part of France. The sun was out every day and this made dining out a real pleasure whether at a lovely restaurant or on our patio at the beautiful gite that we were lucky enough to be staying in.

Everywhere we went there were beautiful flowers by the road side and in peoples garden, which we all marvelled at.

Days were spent on the beach, looking around the chocolate factory, browsing markets, going to Nausicaa (sea-life centre), wandering around old walled towns, visiting castles and of course having our art sessions.

We were very fortunate to have instruction from Peter, who is a professional graphic designer and artist. Everyone enjoyed their art instruction and we all managed to draw and then paint our still life studies onto a canvas, which was then displayed before taking home to show our friends and family.

One evening we took Peter out to thank him for his brilliant art sessions to a really nice restaurant. He decided to take his Morgan Aero and offered to give a lift to two of the JollyDays customers. Andrew and Jack jumped at the chance and one rode to the restaurant and the other on the way home. This made our Pat very jealous, so Peter had to promise that next time she would get a ride! Will it be you next time??

As always we had BBQ's, went to nice restaurants and bars and thoroughly enjoyed our holiday.

Thanks to all our clients for helping to make this another great holiday to remember.

Derek & Pat