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Butlins, Fun & Dancing (Skegness) with Dan, Isobel & Donna

Butlins, Fun & Dancing
The friendly Redcoats were always happy to dance the night away with us, showing us some great dance routines which we soon perfected.

We also had the best time at the fun fair where we jumped straight onto the Carousel ride. Some then braved the thrilling Waltzer, before we flew high into the sky on the Umbrella ride which gave us great views over Butlins.

 Mitchell, Jacob and Dan went on the go carts with the rest of the group cheering from the side. It was a great race with them managing to overtake each other leaving it a close finish. 

We were spoilt for choice with the choice of shows. The Mr Men characters entertained us with their very lively and jolly show and the fabulous performance of Sleeping Beauty with some incredible singing and of course lots of comedy from the Pantomime Dame; it made for a perfect afternoon.


 Off to Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary, where we visited the young seal pups who had been rescued and nursed back to health before being released back into the wild. We saw penguins, alpacas and fed the friendly but very greedy goats who couldn't resist trying to nibble at our coats and bags! 

The Lincolnshire Aviation museum was fascinating. On arrival we were thrilled to witness the Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' taxi across the tarmac and put into the hanger. We walked around and enjoyed seeing the many old military vehicles and uniforms. Jacob climbed up to sit in the cockpit of a Canberra aircraft and experience what it was like for the pilot in such cramped conditions. 

The evening entertainment blew us away every night. The 60’s music got us rocking and a rolling to the tribute act The Jersey Boys. We sung our hearts out to the popular girl group, Little Mix and we were 'dancing queens' with the iconic band ABBA.  

 A fun game of bowling was had with some great high scores and a few strikes. The overall winner was Jacob with an amazing score of 152. A big congratulations to him and the rest of the group for a superb game.

Norfolk- Boats, Trains & Seaside with Midi & Netty

Norfolk- Boats, Trains & Seaside
What a beautiful sunny day, perfect for our day at the beach.

We had a lovely walk along the sandy beach at San Palling. The views were incredible and you could see all the way along the coastline. It was the perfect spot to have a friendly game of Boules. They glided perfectly along the sand and it was great fun. 

We loved spending our pennies in the arcades, enjoying some good old fashioned seaside fun! 

 An excited group couldn't wait to venture down the Broads fro the first time. We boarded our vessel at the bottom of our garden and we soon set off. We became nature detectives, spotting the local wildlife and were lucky enough to see a Grey Heron. 

The competition was fierce with a head to head game, Boys vs Girls. With some high scores and great strikes the boys were crowned champions! A special congratulations to Karl, who was the highest scorer for the boys. 

After our great days out we loved ending with a few games of pool at the local pub. With his able assistants, Midi cooked up some real feasts on the BBQ, too.

All aboard the old Steam Train! It was a memorable sight as the very grand, Regiment train pulled into the station; the sound and smell was something that we wouldn’t forget. We took our seats in the old fashioned carriages and the ticket master came and punched our tickets. The whistle blew and we were off making our way through the picturesque countryside towards the seaside town of Sheringham.

It was such a memorable experience to meet the Station Master. 


 We had a wander around the little seaside town of Sheringham that was lined with quirky shops. Then we had a tour of the Life Boat museum. It was fascinating to read about the incredible job they do

 Our luxury cruiser was waiting for us and we were thrilled to be cruising once again. We saw some amazing properties along the way with little boats moored up outside.  We went under the Ludham Bridge, all crossing our fingers that we were going to get under ok! But, of course our captain had it all under control! As we sailed home, it was our turn to take over the wheel and steer our way along the river. We thought we all made very capable captains! 

 We got kitted up in our life jackets and we were then shown to our sailing boat. There was a gentle wind which helped us glide through the still water. We all took it in turns to put up the sail and steer the boat.  

Time to jump into our canoe and explore the waters some more. We all worked well as a team playing some fun games. Luckily, no one capsized!