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New Years Party with Andy B & Claire M

New Year


We all voted for bowling to be the first activity. Everyone tried their best to get a strike and we had some very impressive scores!

We all changed into our best clothes for the evening ahead.

The evening entertainment extravaganza was performed by Jackson 5 tribute band playing all their classic hits followed by the band, Crackerjack. Everyone could not wait to get up on the dance floor and boogie!

Just before the countdown to New Year a bagpipe player in full Scottish regalia piped us into the New Year in style! We sang at the top of our voices to Auld Lang Syne as the clock struck 12. 

We had lots of fun at our Archery class. We all was excited to practice our skills with a bow and arrow, endeavouring to hit targets rather than an apple on someone's head!

The highlight was the festive pantomime Dick Whittington..... Oh no it wasn't..... Oh yes it was! The entertainment team did a cracking job with the costumes and acting. We all had a tremendous time being part of the fun!

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