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Disneyland Paris with Darren & Marguerite

   Disneyland Paris   
We had arrived at Disneyland and as we entered the park we could see the magical, princess castle in the distance. With smiles on our faces we made our way to the thrill seeking rides.

 We lined the streets in anticipation to watch the character parade. A truly magical experience with so many floats packed with our favourite Disney characters, dancers in the most amazing colourful outfits and a walking Christmas tree with dancing snowmen. The carnival style music really got us in the party mood.

'It's a Small World' ride took us on a mini adventure through different countries where we were shown their traditional costumes and native music. The theme tune stuck in our heads all day!

We flew high into the air on the Magic Carpet and twisted and turned on the Spinning Tea Cup ride. The giant Buzz Light Year ride took us 'to infinity and beyond' as we competed against each other in a laser target hitting game. 

At last! We couldn't believe we were actually meeting the lovable Mickey Mouse! He was his normal cheeky character and we loved having our photo taken with him as he shook our hands and gave us hugs. He even signer our autograph book, too. 

 The characters that we met were all so friendly. We will treasure these moments forever.

 The parked looked so beautiful at night with the twinkling lights illuminating the castle and the Christmas scenes. We watched an amazing firework and light show that dazzled us as it lit up the night sky.

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