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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Gary & Isobel

Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside 

Today was spent on the Nancy B motorboat.  It allowed us to see some of the beautiful wildlife including marsh harrier, various windmills, bridges and other boats which the group enjoyed waving to passers by.
 Along the way we all had a go at controlling the boat, driving and steering around the quiet parts of the open water, a thoroughly relaxing way to enjoy a holiday.Each person was given the opportunity at the helm of Nancy B and we awarded with certificates for driving her!

A day in Great Yarmouth, the sun was shining and perfect for a day at the seaside!We headed to Pirates Adventure Golf, the course was great fun and everyone was very competitive. Whilst in Great Yarmouth the group also enjoyed Ten pin bowling and playing in the arcades!

 At the Sea Palling beach we had great fun dipping our toes in the sea and jumping the waves!

 We went to the Circus and water spectacular at the Hippodrome. It was a 
 fabulous day full of comedy; acrobatics, swimmers, fountains and fireworks!

 We boarded a steam train from Wroxham and rode along the beautiful countryside to Aylesham, where we got off and visited gift shops and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

 Today we were excited to be going out on the canoes! Once fitted with our life jackets, we headed out onto the broads. Everyone had such fun exploring the river and all the enchanting little bays and inlets. 

Lake District Activity Centre with John & Netty

Lake District Activity Centre 

 We headed to Tarn Hows, a spectacular and stunning woodland area with a huge lake in the middle of the mountains. We walked around the lake which was about 3 miles long, taking in the scenery. It was so peaceful and still.

We got kitted out in our canoeing equipment and headed to the beautiful Lake Windermere, which is the largest lake in the UK. The sun was shining as we paddled around some of the stunning lake with amazing scenery of mountains and forests.

 We then tried our hand at abseiling. We first started on the indoor abseiling wall, then, as we all got braver we tried the outdoor 50 meter drop abseil!!! We all had so much fun doing this and felt very proud of everyone's achievements.

We all participated in a game of Archery and tried our best to hit the target!

We all got kitted up in our caving equipment and went to the Yorkshire Dales to a beautiful cave at Yordas. The cave was huge which had a beautiful waterfall and stunning high walls and ceilings. Equipped with head lamps we crawled our way through the deep, dark tunnels. What an incredible experience! 

 Everyone enjoyed having ago on the sensory swing whilst listening to our favourite music as we swung high in the air. 

At our camp fire we spent the evening chopping logs and toasting marshmallows..oh what a wonderful evening had by all!

 At our bush craft day, we collected sticks and made picture frames for our fitting picture master pieces!

 In the evenings we enjoyed competitive games of pool and darts!

We had a presentation after breakfast with our instructors and all got certificates telling us how well we had done!

Another great JollyDays Holiday at the spectacular Lake District!

Germany & the Moselle River with Darren, Midi & Marguerite

Germany & the Moselle River 

The day had come for our boat trip along the Moselle river. We boarded the boat in Liewen and had a lovely two hour trip to a small town of Bernkastel.

In Bernkastel-Kues we wondered through the town admiring the medieval marketplace with its gabled timber-framed houses from the 17th century. We jumped on the city train which takes us through the beautiful town, across the river and up to the highest point with amazing views of the Moselle River.

Today was games day, we played indoor Ten pin bowling, outdoor boules and a dutch game known as 'Sjoelbak'.
Every game was competitive, especially the outdoor boules!
Sjoelbak also known as shuffleboard, which involves sliding discs down a board into targets to score points. What fun we had, many showing an obvious knack for the game!

We spent the day at Wild & Freizeitpark in Klotten, this is a large amusement park with animals and rides. We saw grizzly bears and loved feeding the deer.
Everyone had fun great going on all the rides, whizzing down the giant slide, getting 
 wet on the water rotunda and to finish off with a sedate ride on the teacups!

Wine tasting afternoon, for those who wished to partake. We had the opportunity to sample wines from the region and offer our feedback. The wine went down very well, although we had a lot to learn before we become wine connoisseurs!

 We visited Saarbrucken, the capital and largest city of the state of Saarland and situated near the French boarder. Viewing the Basilica which is a stunning Catholic Church near the town hall, the interior is amazing; white, gold and pink columns. 

 Most of our evenings were spent watching great entertainment and of course lots of singing and dancing under the stars!