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Bruges, Christmas Market with Claire & Nick

Bruges, Christmas Market

Keen to reach the markets we excitedly made our way through the crowds of people to the magnificent main square. We enjoyed browsing the stalls and meandering through the narrow lanes. The stalls sold everything from unusual cheeses, to warm knitted hats and scarfs, and sparkly jewellery; not forgetting plenty of Christmas ornaments and baubles. Once we had had our fill of exploring we took a few moments to enjoy some hot mulled wine. A perfect day!

We wandered around the cobbled streets admiring the beautiful Flemish architecture and incredible chocolate shops that were so enticing. We couldn't resist sampling the delicious treats. It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it!

 What a wonderful way to travel! Seeing the city from a wonderful vantage point, trotting along the winding streets from the comfort of the carriages was a wonderful experience. The drivers were also the perfect tour guides and provided a first class commentary pointing out landmarks and things of special historical interest.

We made our over the quaint little bridges, along the canals into the main square where the magnificent church stood in the centre. 


We spent the afternoon at the Ice Sculpture Festival. It certainly was a little chilly but worth braving it to wonder at the expertly carved sculptures that surrounded us. Emma was excited to see a beautiful mermaid and had her photo taken beside this fantastic ice creation, while others in the group posed in front of terrifying Chinese dragons, magnificent winged angels and Minotaur's from Greek mythology.

We found a beautiful little restaurant we discovered on our travels earlier in the day. La Dentelliere was an intimate restaurant offering typical Flemish food. We were very adventurous in trying all the different dishes on offer. The Christmas, twinkly lights made everything look so pretty.

The group had a boat tour along the canals seeing the spectacular sights. Andy even got to have a little drive. What a wonderful experience for all.

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