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Butlins, Fun & Dancing (Minehead) with Darren, Isobel & Rachel

 Butlins, Fun & Dancing

Every holiday, here at Butlins is packed with so many fun activities for us to do. 

The thrill seekers amongst us love going to the funfair, especially when we bump into each other on the dodgems, gallop along on the carousel and win some great prizes at the amusements. 

Taking a stroll along the waterfront in Lynmouth it allowed us to admire the beautiful views of the rolling green countryside with the river running rapidly through it.

We made our way to the world’s highest and steepest water powered cliff railway which has been in operation since 1890. As we chugged our way to the top of the cliff, we were mesmerised by the most stunning views of the North Devon Coastline. 

We love a birthday celebration here at JollyDays and it was even more exciting as it was Keith’s 60th birthday. We certainly gave him a birthday to remember. 

You will always find us dancing the night away and we were straight on the dance floor when the live tribute acts wowed us with their performances. One of our favourites was the pop sensation ABBA. The groups dance routines were fantastic as they shimmied and spun around the stage in their flamboyant costumes.

We split into two teams Ladies vs Men as we hit the bowling alley. It was a competitive game with everyone trying their best to get a strike. It was lovely to see everyone being such good sports, cheering and clapping after everyone’s turn. Victoria was delighted to get two strikes and was the winner of the ladies’ team and we crowned Keith the winner of the men's team.

Butlins, Fun & Dancing (Skegness) with Darren & Isobel

 Butlins, Fun & Dancing 

The smiles on our faces says it all. We loved our fun packed holidays at Butlins. 

The funfair is always on the top of our to do list! We love riding on the elegant carousel, bumping and crashing into each other on the dodgems and whizzing around on the waltzer. 

We tried our luck on the Hook a Duck stall and were delighted when we all won some fabulous prizes! 

A lovely morning was spent at the Seal Sanctuary where we learnt about their wonderful rescue program. We fed the greedy goats and were brave enough to visit the reptile house. Everyone loved walking through the Tropical Butterfly House where so many beautifully coloured butterflies fluttered amongst us. 

Wow! We were treated to some show stopping live performances from the entertainment team. We were always the first on the dance floor singing our hearts out and dancing the night away! The Redcoats loved joining us on the dance floor too!

There are so many fun activities for us to do and one of our favourites was splashing around and whizzing down the rapids in the fantastic swimming pool. 

It was competition time as we headed to the bowling alley. Everyone clapped and cheered when we crowned Grace champion!

Attractions of Blackpool with Åse & Oli

 Attractions of Blackpool 

The sun was shining as we made our way to explore the bright lights of Blackpool. 

Madame Tussauds Museum was always a must! We loved getting up close and personal with our favourite celebrities. What a fantastic experience it was as we posed with the wax work figures. We couldn’t believe how life like they were. 

We were very brave as we climbed 380ft into the sky to the top of The Blackpool Tower and experienced the thrilling SkyWalk. The daredevils amongst us walked onto the five-centimetre-thick glass viewing platform where we could see all the way down to the pavement.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for the day we took a trip on the famous Blackpool Ferris Wheel which provided fantastic views of Blackpool and the coastline. 

You would always find us on the dance floor showing off our groovy moves. 

All the fun of the fair was had as we whizzed around on the waltzer, crashed into each other on the dodgem cars and rode the elegant carousel. 

 We spent the an afternoon at Ribby Hall Village Zoo! What a fantastic variety of animals from all over the globe and for a small zoo it was really doing its bit for wildlife. We saw some tiny marmoset monkeys and even had some fallow deer coming to say hello, trying to have a nibble on our coats and bags! 

The Blackpool Sea Life Centre was fascinating. We learnt so much about their ongoing conservation projects and how plastic is destroying our oceans. We absolutely loved walking through the huge glass tunnel where sharks, turtles and stingray swam above us. 

It was the perfect day for a paddle on the lake where we took pedalo boats out around the small island. We became wildlife spotters and as the lake was surrounded by mature woodland the cute ducklings and squirrels weren’t difficult to spot!