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Military Sites & Museums in France with Roger & Netty

  Military Sites & Museums in France  

In Etaples we visited a beautifully kept War Grave Cemetery. We wandered along the rows slowly taking in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the cemetery.

We visited more graves and a museum in Mory Abbey, where we all saw Briony’s Great Uncles grave stone. An incredibly special moment that we were lucky enough to share with her.

We went to Thiepval cemetery and museum which was spectacular. We all watched a video about the 1st World War which was very thought provoking and we had lots of questions to ask. All of the cemetery's were beautifully maintained by the very dedicated and helpful staff.

The Canadian cemetery was our next stop. As we arrived we could see a large Elk at the entrance. Some of the group were able to walk along the original trenches which they found to be exciting yet, a little eerie. 

Today we were going to have a go on the Rando-Rail which we all loved.  It is a self propelled small rail cart. It was a hard 3 mile up hill to the top. We all worked well as a team and were thrilled when we got to the top! Turning our carts around, we freewheeled back down again, which was brilliant. Everyone said it was really exciting. 

We visited a chocolate factory where we saw how chocolate is made. Luckily we were all given a sample to try. Most of us then bought some of the delicious chocolate to take home. 

In La Coupole we visited a museum which was held in the underground domed bunker, that V2 flying bombs were made by the Germans in WW2. Everyone watched films showing how this was done by scientists during the war. At the souvenirs shop, model planes and tanks were purchased to take home.

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