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Best of Benidorm with Midi, Darren & Marguerite

   Best of Benidorm   

Changed into our swimming costumes we headed to the swimming pool where we enjoyed soaking up the beautiful sunshine and had a great time in the water.

 We played outdoor games of pool and tennis.

We walked down to the beachfront where we settled down on our towels and soaked up rays of sunshine. The boys played a friendly game of football while others relaxed, and spent time in the water. 

We all enjoyed exploring the town whilst taking in all the incredible sights surrounding us. 

In the evening, we excitedly took our seats in the entertainment hall. We watched performances from Ricky Dayle, Dalton and amazing duos. We had a fantastic time dancing and mixing with the locals and other holidaymakers while enjoying a drink. 

We hit the strip which was buzzing! Songs were being belted out in the Karaoke bar and we were desperate to have a go too! Well done girls, super singing! 

We walked through the old market town, exploring the cobbled streets. At the market we had a good look around the stalls trying our best at haggling the Spanish market sellers to get the best prices!

At the harbour we hopped onto the Maritimas cruiser and got great seats by the window that ensured we had great views of the Costa Blanca coastline. Our first stop was just under two hours away on the island of Tabarca, a small inhabited Spanish island. With breathtaking views and crystal clear waters, we enjoyed exploring the islands natural beauty. 

We treated ourselves to lunch in a little taverna where we all tried some traditional Spanish cuisines including the seafood paella, which we all thought was absolutely delicious! 

Next stop on our tour was the port of Alicante. Alicante was even more beautiful than we had expected and offered a rich harbour full of expensive yachts, which everyone had fun at guessing the price of. We walked down to the shore and onto the beach that overlooked the castle, Santa Barbara. Luckily we had enough time to swim in the warm sea and watch the world go by. 

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