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Disneyland Paris with Jon & Donna

  Disneyland Paris  

We watched an enchanting performance from all our favourite princesses on stage and we sang and danced along with the rest of the crowds. The atmosphere was amazing. We then watched the huge parade of floats, where we saw all the Disney characters you could think of dancing and waving to us. We even got a few kisses blown our way! 

The famous magical Disney Castle was just as mesmerising in real life. 

We went to Alice in Wonderland and found our way through the maze and up to the top of her castle. We got to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter for a photo opportunity!

 Another fantastic moment was meeting the very friendly Mickey Mouse. We couldn’t wait to shake his hand and give him a cuddle! We also met up with our friend Goofy who posed for photos with us too!

We took the opportunity to all have a ride on the Magic Carpet. Flying high up in the air we felt just like Aladdin and Jasmine.

We went on a journey with Mickey as he trained to become a magician. At the end he finally earned his Magic Wand! Très bien, Mickey!  

Another fantastic experience was the tram ride on the Disney Behind the Scenes Tour, where we experienced an earthquake, fire and thousands of tonnes of water all released down on the carriages. It was fantastic and a little bit scary! 

We saw the amazing Marvel Superheroes in action. They were awesome, fighting against evil to protect us!

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