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Bruges, Christmas Market with Midi & Isobel

Bruges, Christmas Market
We were so excited to explore this stunning Flemish city. We walked alongside the canal towards the city centre where we admired many of the sculptures and beautiful medieval architecture.  


We came across 3 musicians when David, started singing ‘Oh when the Saints. It was a joyful moment!

This inspired us to have a river boat trip of our own. We boarded our vessel as the tour guide pointed out many places of interest including the picturesque Groenerei (green canal) with a beautiful view of the old bridges and the Belfry in the background. We could also see the 122m spire of the Church of Our Lady in the distance. 

There was an array of market huts full to the brim of the most wonderful pieces of lace and embroidered gifts. There was a huge range of Christmas decorations on display and the delicious smell of the wide variety of food stalls including hot dogs and waffles filled the air. We all purchased some lovely gifts to take home as a memento. 

 We were all looking forward to our morning at the chocolate museum.The museum was fascinating and explained the history behind chocolate making and its origins. We all enjoyed sampling the chocolate throughout the tour. We were able to watch a chocolate making demonstration and at the end got to sample the praline chocolate they had just made! We couldn’t resist buying some of these delicious treats to take home with us.

 We had ended up back at the market, so we took the opportunity to have one last walk around, purchasing some great souvenirs and gifts to take home. 

 It was time for another tour, this time on a horse and carriage. We trotted through the cobbled streets as our tour guide provided us with some interesting facts and history of the area. It was a fantastic experience and we all patted our horse’s goodbye. 

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