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The Magic of Majorca with Midi, Marguerite & Rachel

The Magic of Majorca
The sun was shinning and we couldn't wait to soak up the sun down at beach, which was only a few minutes walk away from our wonderful hotel. We played ball games and splashed about in the crystal clear sea. 

Most afternoons, we cooled down by jumping into the swimming pool, where we practised our swimming.The boys would also spend some time playing each other at Pool.

A day out to Marineland was a huge hit with the group. We saw the cheeky parrots riding mini bikes and showing off their funny tricks.Our favourite part of the day was watching the amazing dolphin show. What clever animals they were as they danced and performed spectacular tricks alongside their trainers. It was magical to watch. 
We had the most memorable experience actually meeting the dolphins and sea lions. We were able to stroke these beautiful animals and the sea lion even gave us a kiss!

The sea views were totally stunning and the sea looked magical as it sparkled in the midday sun. 

We love an activity on our holidays and with a steady hand and a focused eye we tried our hardest to hit the bullseye during a morning of archery. 

The cocktails at the hotel bar always enticed us for a pre-dinner drink. We loved getting the sparklers and umbrella cocktails in the brightly coloured drinks.

The evening entertainment at our hotel every night never disappointed us. We joined in with the hotel dance routines that we had perfected and loved their own take on the popular Disney classic, The Lion King.  

The Flamenco show was  stunning, full of passion and incredible dance moves.

The sun shone, making it a beautiful day for our boat trip. We boarded our boat and set sail around the stunning Majorcan coast line. We took our seats on the top deck, taking in the stunning views. There was also a glass bottom on the boat which meant we could see the fish, swimming beneath us and the beautiful coral. We had lunch on board, before docking at Puerto Andratx, where we were able to wander around this small fishing town. 

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