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Painting & Drawing in France with Tim & Allyson

Painting & Drawing in France

Our first painting and drawing class was in the local village hall. We were greeted by Dominic and Michael, our art teachers. Everybody took their seats at the table and were shown some still life, that we would be drawing. We were shown how to firstly draw the outlines of the flowers and then how to mix paint for the correct colours. With a lot of concentration and an artistic eye we were all extremely impressed with our first effort. 

A trip to the Nausicaa Sea Life Centre in Bologne was a must. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed a really quite amazing experience. As we travelled around the various tanks and rock pools, we were able to view a multitude of sea life, culminating in watching seals and turtles both from above and below the surface of the water.

After our evenings we played some friendly games of pool. We also enjoyed having our own mini disco, dancing to our favourite songs. Phillip, showed off his Elvis moves dressed in his very impressive outfit. It was such a fun way to end the nights. 


 Off to the local chocolate factory where we saw how they   handmade chocolates. Watching the skilled chocolatiers was fascinating to see.  There were many different flavours, designs and shapes and after sampling a few, we all decided that the orange pumpkin flavour was the tastiest. 

 We visited the seaside resort of Berck and parked up along the sea front. The golden, sandy beach stretched out for miles  and it was lovely to see families flying kites in the sea breeze all the way along the coastline. We strolled along the promenade and watched the world go by. 


We bought our tickets and took our seats as we enjoyed a relaxing and scenic journey along the stunning coastline, spotting some of the local wildlife to De la Baie de Somme.

 Dominic and Michael were there to greet us with smiling faces once again. For our second lesson we were set the task to draw a local duck which is protected in France. We were once again guided through the different drawing stages and then mixing the different colours needed for the duck. We had some amazing results and everybody was ecstatic with their paintings.

After a leisurely breakfast we set off to visit a market in the local village of Etables. Everyone was keen to try and converse with the stall holders, so in our best French we bought some gifts. 

A holiday wouldn't be a holiday without a tasty ice cream!  

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