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Stadium Tours- Premiership Football with Midi, Led & Candy

Stadium Tours- Premiership Football 
As we travelled to the city of Manchester the excitement grew amongst us; we couldn’t contain ourselves as we drove up to the gates of Old Trafford. This is the largest capacity stadium for a club in the UK and it really was vast.

We walked through the home tunnel to a replica sound of fans cheering. It was such an amazing experience and gave us real goose bumps as we walked onto the pitch. We couldn’t imagine how the players felt every time they walked through the tunnel, with their fans cheering their names. Another fantastic moment was sitting in the managers seat. 

We couldn’t believe that we got to go into the players changing rooms and sit on their seats, underneath where the iconic football shirts hung! 

The afternoon was spent looking around the Manchester United museum. The trophy room, in particular was spectacular with many a cabinet full of shiny cups and silverware.

Another day and another football tour at the Etihad Stadium, the home ground of Manchester City football club. 

 Once again, we got to experience walking through the tunnel and sit in the dug-out, where the manager and substitutes sit during the match.

We got to look around the gym, where the players spent a lot of their time working on their strength and fitness.  

We went to the away teams changing rooms, where there were shirts from all different clubs hanging up. It was great to compare them to the home teams changing rooms, which were so different. 

 Our last part of the tour was in the press conference room, where we had an interactive experience with a very important man, the manager Pep Guardiola. We got so much pleasure watching our friends on the ‘tv’ with the main man himself.

Our final football tour was at Anfield, home to Liverpool FC. First stop was at the museum where we learnt about the clubs history, including the extensive trophies which were on display, including the 6 Champions League trophies! 


 We then had a great tour around the grounds, starting with a view of the stadium from the best seats available. 
Everyone loved visiting the changing rooms and seeing their favourite footballers shirt hanging up, ready for their next game.  

We visited the Hillsborough memorial to pay our respects, to those who lost their lives. 

  With the fresh sea breeze blowing away a few cobwebs we walked along the promenade at the popular seaside resort of Blackpool.

We ended up trying our luck on the 2p machine and many other amusements in the arcade. 

The famous wax work museum, Madame Tussauds, never dissapoints and what fun we had getting up close with our famous celebrities. We loved having our photos taken with the likes of pop guru Simon Cowell. We had a go at dancing and scoring with the Strictly Come Dancing judges. 

The cheeky double act Ant and Dec were definitely one of our favourites and we even met Her Majesty the Queen. 

Rocking out with the legendary band The Beetles, and being the lead drummer for Freddie Mercury was definitely an experience we wouldn't forget. 

We were astounded by the variety of sea creatures they have at the Blackpool Sea Life Centre.The tanks were full to the brim with brightly coloured fish and coral. It was wonderful to be up so close to the tanks and our favourite part of the day was walking under the huge glass tunnel where the scary sharks and stingray swam above us. There was an interactive section where we were able to touch star fish and other sealife.

 As the sun set, the bright lights of Blackpool lit up the night sky and the iconic tower stood out, with its bright red glow. Our evening came to an end with a spectacular firework display which we learnt was part of the World Firework Championships. The beach was full of spectators and the atmosphere was electric. We had have never seen anything like it! Simply magical!

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