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Butlins, Fun & Dancing (Skegness) with Led, Dan & Candy

Butlins, Fun & Dancing 

We always loved our holidays at Butlins. The friendly Redcoats always made us feel welcome and happily stopped for a photo or found us on the dance floor showing off our great disco moves.  

Every night we were treated to some outstanding tribute acts. We were ‘dancing on the ceiling’ to the incredible Lionel Richie tribute band with his upbeat songs and superbly choreographed dance routines. The flamboyant glitz and glamour of the legend that is Elton John had us up on our feet dancing the night away. 

An afternoon at Anderby Beach where the long, sandy coastline stretched for many miles, made it an excellent spot for a long walk. It felt very peaceful as we were the only people there! Moving on to Anderby Creek where we learnt about how to identify the clouds in our beautiful sky.

 What fun we had at the fair, bumping into each other on the dodgem cars, whizzing around on the waltzer and gracefully riding the elegant carousel. 

We also tried our luck on the fairground stalls and were lucky to win some great prizes!

Bright blue skies meant that we could enjoy a beautiful walk in the glorious sunshine to the beach, where we paddled in the slightly chilly sea. We made sand angels and had fun flying a kite that we bought. After a fun morning we thought it was only right to treat ourselves to a tasty ice cream. 

Natureland Seal Sanctuary is well known for rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured seals. It was fascinating listening about the various stages of their rehabilitation and hear about the rescue work at feeding times. They loved performing tricks for a treat! We watched the amusing antics of the penguins, amazed by the tropical butterflies as we walked through their enclosure and we were very brave looking at the reptiles and creepy crawlies. We fed the greedy goats in Pets Corner and were mesmerised by the tropical fish and all their bright colours in the Aquarium. We all agreed that the workers here did a brilliant job looking after these animals. 

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