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Bowling & Pool Competition - Essex with Phil, Isobel & Pat

๐ŸŽณ Bowling & Pool Competition - Essex ๐ŸŽฑ

We made our way to the Pool &Snooker club where the Competition got under way.  Each of the group played 6 games which would determine the semi finalists. The following day the finalists were eager to get underway and played some very close games.  With the support of the rest of the group the pair battled it out with Clarke eventually winning 2-1 an absolutely fantastic final and a huge well done to all the players who showed great sportsmanship throughout.

At the bowling alley we started the bowling competition, a fun time with quite a few strikes and great high scores which will be carried over and added up on the final day.  Everyone was keen to play the final which was a fantastic display of high scoring, after finishing the games we all headed off for lunch and a chance for the bowling scores to be added up. 

The overall Winner of the Pool and Bowling Competion was Clarke
Well done๐Ÿ†

An award was also given to the highest scorer in the ladies bowling competition which was presented to Rishna ๐Ÿ†

Everyone was presented with a medal for both pool and bowling and a lovely certificate for participating in the competition and a huge round of applause for all the great scores and the great sportsmanship shown between the group.
A huge well done to all that participated and to the winners!!!


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