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Cyprus Sun with Steve, Michaela & John

    Cyprus Sun    

Our hotel was fantastic! We all loved relaxing around the swimming pool or down the beach which was only a few meters away. In the evening we all enjoyed dinner on the terrace with stunning views.

We went on the original open top red bus tour to the Turkish side of the island. We had a tour guide giving us a commentary on board about the sights we saw and the history leading up to the Turkish invasion in 1974. We toured the walled city of Famagusta and saw the ghost town left unoccupied since the war.

 We spent our evening in town exploring the buzzing streets and listened to live music in fantastic bars. We also took part in friendly pool tournament.

We took a boat trip along the coast where we explored the caves of Cape Greco and visited the Blue Lagoon where some of us swam in the beautiful clear water. 

The hotel entertainment team was fabulous! There was music and dancing with glittery costumes and different dances from around the world which we all loved. Some of us even performed karaoke.


  1. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us! Cyprus is indeed an amazing place! Have you seen any other famous touristic spots? I like the destination list provided here. What do you think about it? Maybe, you have something to add. I'm planning my vacation right now and can't choose what to see first :)