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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Midi & Netty

   Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside   

We all got kitted out with our life jackets and went sailing on the beautiful Norfolk Broads. We all took turns at sailing, steering the boat and rigging the sail. A truly amazing experience and we soon felt like we were experts! 

We boarded the Nancy B, a large cabin cruiser owned by the trust. We went out into the broads and we all took turns in driving the boat around the broads having a great time discussing who was the best driver!

Another day we went to Wells- next-the-Sea where we stopped for a delicious ice cream and walked around the town before catching a little train to the beach. We sat on the beach and took in the beautiful surroundings of the sea and the area of Wells. 

In Bure Valley railway we went on a steam train to Ayleshame. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the journey through the Norfolk countryside. 

After a brief lesson on how to use the canoes and we were off! We saw much wildlife along the way including kingfishers, marsh harriers and cormorants.

At the end of our week we all got awarded with a certificate for our driving skills.

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