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Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country with Tony & Pat

  Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country  

We were heading to a town called Holmfirth. This town was chosen to record the fabulous TV comedy “Last of the Summer Wine”. We visited the museum where we were reminded of the three main characters of the hugely popular series. We then had lunch in the famous “Sid’s Cafe” where we took our photos with the card board cut out of the very famous Nora Batty.

We went in the village where the British soap opera, Emmerdale was recorded. We had a long walk around the village, seeing a lot of the familiar scenes. Then to top it off, we had lunch at The Woolpack Pub, the actual pub that was used in the series! We took many photos and Kevin got invited to pull a pint behind the bar and he made a fine job of it too. 

At Thorton Hall Country Park we enjoyed looking at all the farm animals. The calves really were so cute! We then met Joe, the very friendly farmer. He took us for a ride on the tractor train all around the farm and the surrounding fields. We then had our photos taken with the entertaining Clowns. They showed us some tricks and played some games with us. 

Today we were going to visit the Wensleydale Cheese factory. When we arrived at the factory we first went and see a demonstration of how various cheeses are made. Then we went into the factory to actually see the massive churns to see the start of the cheese making process. Then it was tasting time! Almost forty different types and all made with the Wensleydale method. 

We went to Bolton Abbey, a 12th century Augustinian monastery known as Bolton Priory. It was great to see the way the ruins had been preserved for us to imagine how it would have looked 700 years ago. We then tried to cross the stream via the stepping stones. 

The village of Goathland is in the heart of North Yorkshire, which doubles as the fictional “Aidensfield” in the series. When we arrived we went straight to the stores where we bought some souvenirs. We also took photos of the police car and a couple of other cars used in the filming. Then we went to the very iconic petrol station and garage. 

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