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Legoland - Denmark with John & Åse

  Legoland - Denmark  

Legoland, oh what a fantastic place! Everywhere we looked; houses, people, animals, everything you could imagine made from those unique plastic bricks. A tour of the miniature village allowed us to see harbours, trains, factories, airports and road networks all made from Lego. The detail that goes into these scenes were just incredible. 

After many rides, the most exciting one was the Eagle roller coaster. One for the thrill seekers amongst us!  

Back at the holiday village we found a huge mix between a bouncy castle and trampoline, where we all jumped, bounced, laughed and we are sure you could have heard our whooping and laughing for miles around.

We went to the Zoo and what a Zoo to marvel at! A combination of Wild life park,  Safari park and Zoo all mixed together to create a special place where we could drive past lions, elephants and we could park up and observe the vast array of animals from around the world up close. We fed camels and listened to interesting facts about gorillas and otters.
The Zoo also had a dinosaur park with life size models that we found fascinating to walk round. 

As the weather was so amazing we decided to have an afternoon of  playing some fun games of mini golf!

Our second full day at the incredible Legoland where we got to go on the rest of the rides that we hadn’t had time to do on our first visit. We definitely managed to go on most of the rides! We did a bit of shopping at the Legoland gift shop and we all treated ourselves to a little something.

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