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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Isobel, Donna & Rich

  Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside  

We put our life jackets on and made our way to the dock where we boarded our sailing boat. The water was calm and with the slight breeze we took to the water and enjoyed the relaxing trip around the broads. Some of us took the opportunity to help steer the boat and changed the direction of the sails. The sun was shining and it was perfect for a beautiful trip around the broads!

Some of us went out on the canoes whilst the others went back out on the sailing boat. The group did a fantastic job with the canoeing and had great fun!

At the Bowling Alley we had great fun with some close, high scores and some great strikes with Luke being the overall winner with a fantastic score of 112. 

In Holt we strated our Steam Train journey to Sheringham. We were very excited to board the beautiful train which passed through Weybourne and the most stunning views of the countryside. 

Once we had arrived at Sheringham we walked down through the busy streets with many souvenir shops and boutiques before finding a lovely pub with a beautiful garden where we sat and enjoyed our lunch in the glorious sunshine before continuing our walk down to the sea front. We sat and enjoyed an ice cream

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