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The Home of ABBA, Stockholm with Colin, Isobel & Nick

   The Home of ABBA, Stockholm   

We saw some of the original clothing that was worn on tour and in some of their videos. The musical instruments used, including the original and famous Waterloo guitar and of course the high heel platform boots worn by Benny at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

The walls were full with awards that they had won during their music career and all of their gold and platinum discs.

We were given the opportunity to go up on the stage where they sang and danced to Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia with holograms of Abba! Wow!! Everyone gave a great performance and felt like stars. 

After our tour we visited the souvenir shop and spent some time looking at all the different merchandise on offer with many buying baseball caps with Abba on them, t-shirts, key rings, books, posters and CDs just to name a few. 

We got on a boat for a trip on the Lake Malaren. On the  cruise we admired the picturesque landscape whilst travelling to the world heritage site of Drottningholm Palace. 


The Palace was built in the late 16th Century and is the King and Queen's home with state apartments open to the public. When we arrived the Soldier was standing on guard and as we walked past the group saluted him. We were shocked when the Soldier promptly stood to attention and saluted back. Inside the place we enjoyed seeing the beautiful decorated rooms. The gardens looked beautiful with all the different flowers and sculptures on display

 We were fortunate to see the Swedish Naval National Band as they marched past us from the Royal Palace. The group managed to chat to a few soldiers and have our picture taken with them. 

We visited Vikingaliv, a museum that brings Vikings history to life. It is also one of the world's largest Viking exhibitions with genuine artefacts. We got to enjoy a train ride which explained in detail the life of the Vikings with stories about the trading voyages and trade routes of the Viking Age with day to day objects and richly ornamented artefacts. So much fascinating information!

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