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Turkey & Tinsel with Phil, Lesley & Netty

  Turkey & Tinsel  

Excitingly we made our way to the theatre for the Christmas Pantomime, Cinderella. With lots of laughing and booing the pantomime baddie we were thoroughly entertained.

During our stay we played skittles, horse racing, and bell ringing to Christmas songs. It was great fun! We also practised our line dancing to Christmas carols which we all managed to master quite quickly.


 We met Father Christmas himself and all had photos with him!

 We visited the infamous Busy Bee Garden Centre. This place is totally magical at this time of the year. Filled with bright lights and lovely nativity themed corners we felt like we were in a Winter Wonderland. 

At the bowling alley we enjoyed a few games and some excellent scores were achieved by all. 

We smarten up for our Christmas dinner which was the most delicious dinner, with all the trimmings. Crackers were pulled, jokes were read out all with lots of laughs and with the festive music all made for a brilliant evening. 

 Our last evening finished off in true New Year style with balloons and party poppers. We sang to Auld Lang Syne and waved our flags. Then more dancing ended a memorable evening!

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