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Bruges, Christmas Market with Roger & Wendy

   Bruges, Christmas Market   

We wandered around Bruges and learnt about the history of this beautiful city. We saw some incredible and beautiful buildings.

It was a lovely cold crisp day with sunshine and blue skies, ideal for wandering around all the shops and stalls selling an amazing range of Christmas souvenirs and presents.

Along the narrow cobbled streets we visited a chocolate shops where we watched the chocolate being made, we then tasted some samples and bought more souvenirs to take home. 

We were lucky enough to all have a tour in a horse drawn carriage around Bruges. It was a great way to see the City.

We visited the ice sculptures where we saw lots of different film and book characters carved in ice. We couldn’t believe how detailed they were. We enjoyed having our photos taken with them. 

We enjoyed eating out in local restaurant where we were served local speciality dishes of Bruges. 

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