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New Year's Party with Midi & Pat

New Year's Party!

Every evening we were treated with amazing shows from the fabulous entertainment team and of course we were the first on the dance floor to sing and dance!

The highlight was the pantomime, Cinderella. Everyone laughed and enjoyed being amused and impressed by the showman ship of the performers on stage. We even had an opportunity to take a picture with Cinderella and friends!

 There were many activities to get involved with such as Reindeer racing, hand bell playing, bingo and curling.

Everyone changed into their glad rags and looked amazing! 
We were certainly ready for our big evening!

 In the dining room we found our table decorated with balloons and crackers. We were surprised and excited to hear the sound of a Scottish Piper bellowing in the background whilst we enjoyed our meal.

 As midnight approached everyone was on the dance floor waving their Union Jack flags in the air.  We counted down the last seconds of 2017 with Big Ben on the big screen. 5,4,3,2,1….HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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