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Christmas Celebrations with Derek & Faye

  Christmas Celebrations  

Once again the entertainment team performed glorious shows for us every evening!

This year we watched the entertainment team do their take on Cinderella. As usual there was much audience participation with hissing & booing. 

During the week we took part in brilliant activities which included crown green bowls, hoy hoy bingo, quizzes and reindeer races. 

We meet Father Christmas and is helpers as they arrived in his golf buggy. We then went inside and got to meet the big man and we got a small present and had our photograph's taken with him. It's a wonderful time of the year! 

It was time for lunch and it was the usual Christmas fare of turkey and pudding plus lots more!! Phew, I don't know about the turkey, but I think we were all stuffed after this meal!!!

 We changed into our best clothes for the evening ahead!

 On Boxing Day as we drew close to midnight we had a mini version of a New Year eve's celebrations with balloons falling from the ceiling and a chorus of Auld Lang Syne! 

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