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Portugal Coastline with Steve, Michaela & Jim

  Portugal Coastline  

We enjoyed spending time relaxing by the pool and on the beach where sun beds and brollies were waiting for us. Football, bat and ball games were played throughout the day and some went swimming in the sea. 

During our holiday we ate some delicious fresh food from traditional Portuguese cuisine to Italian pizzeria and steak house.

At the Zoo Marine Park we watched an amazing show featuring six or more dolphins and their trainers performing all kinds of tricks. Some of us actually swam with the Dolphins which was a truly unforgettable experience. We went on the water slides, flumes and took it easy on the Zoo Marine beach. The day was completed by a look around the fascinating aquarium where the most colourful and unusual fish could be seen.

We all boarded the Barca Arade boat that took us for a trip up the local river to the historic old town of Silves and back. Along the way we spotted storks flying and nesting in large numbers. The town of Silves was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed a spot of lunch at a riverside restaurant and afterwards a bit of gift shopping. 

In the evening we casually wandered down the streets which were  buzzing with entertainment. We stopped in local bars to enjoy drinks and listened to brilliant live music.

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