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Biscuit Bake Off in France with Steve & Michaela

    Biscuit Bake Off in France    

We went to the biscuit factory for the Great biscuit bake off. We all had fun learning how to bake the very finest French artisan biscuits. We mixed the ingredients and rolled out and shaped the cookie dough. Then we decorated the biscuits before putting them in the ovens to bake. We each received a diploma certificate from the master baker himself. 

In Boulogne-Sur-Mer we visited “Nausicaa” Europe’s largest sea life aquarium. We were truly amazed by the size of it and the sheer variety of marine life. We especially enjoyed the Sharks tunnel and loved watching the seals performing for us. 

At the chocolate factory we had a fantastic time making fancy chocolates. We made chocolate eggs and fruit and nut surprises. We were shown how to mould the chocolate and shape it but we didn’t need any help in how to eat it. 

On a beautiful sunny day we enjoyed leisurely walk by the sea front and had delicious ice cream!

During our stay we wandered through lovely cobbled streets and enjoyed visiting typical French markets. We all manage to bag some bargains and some of us had a chance to try out a few French words with the locals.

Evenings were spent having delicious BBQ's and playing games in the garden. 
What a fantastic week we all had!

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