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Farm Experience & Zoo with Netty, Paula & Derek

Farm Experience & Zoo

At the Zoo we saw many different types of animals and even managed to stroke a few. We even got a train ride around the Zoo and a guided tour through the Lemur enclosure. 

Our tour ended at the zoo gift shop where we did a spot of shopping. Some of us bought a few fantastic souvenirs to take home.

As usual we went to play ten pin bowling. It was so much fun, we were all cheering each other!

We drove to Southend and had a walk along the seafront and enjoyed a traditional Southend Rossi ice cream. 

We had a fantastic day on the farm, hand feeding  goats and their kids, along with ponies and a lama. We also fed ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. We were able to hand milk a cow and bottle feed the week old lambs. We watched a sheep get sheered and we had tiny chicks sit on our laps.

During our stay we had fantastic food. The favourite was definitely a local Indian restaurant where we had an amazing meal with everyone trying lots of new dishes that they’d never tasted before.

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