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Disneyland Paris with Mags, Mel & John

   The Magic of Disneyland Paris   

The parade was magical with  explosion of colour, lively music, bright costumes and vibrant floats. We saw all the famous characters parading just in a front of us! It was amazing to soak up this fabulous experience with Mickey and all of his friends.

At the Walt Disney Studio's we met some of our favourite friendly Disney characters and collected their autographs and posed for photo's!

We went to Animagique, a live show featuring Mickey and Donald and some amazing back light effects to accompany famous scenes from classics such as The Lion King and Jungle Book. It’s was a real treat for everyone!

We also went to see the incredible driving in the Stunt Show!There were plenty of skidding, swerving, jumping and even flying through fire. It was an incredible behind-the-scenes show!

A few of us went on the Big Thunder Mountain where we boarded onto a mysterious train that took us deep in the heart of the legendary mountain for a thrilling ride! Others went to enjoy a ride on the Thunder Mesa Riverboat where they navigated through the Rivers of the Far West.

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