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Painting & Drawing in France with Adrian & Pat

Painting & Drawing in France

We had a fantastic time during our painting classes. We were taught how to mix colours from just the three primary colours red, yellow and blue and also learn how to paint shade and light to give effect to our painting.  

During our journey on the train we travelled around the Somme and saw some astonishing views. Our journey started at Le Crotoy, a lovely little fishing village we then went to St Vallery an ancient town on the banks of the Somme dated back from 1500’s. 

We visited the chocolate factory. It was absolutely fascinating to watch the process of chocolate making and to learn some new and interesting information. We even got to taste the chocolates! Yummy! 

We went to the beautiful Boulogne-Sur-Mer for a day long visit to “Nausicaa” Europe’s largest sea life aquarium. We were truly amazed by the size of it and the sheer variety of marine life. We saw many different species including a tank full of Moon Jellyfish, beautifully coloured marine fish, a turtle and even sharks, one of which was over sixteen feet long! We also saw fabulous sea lions and cute penguins!

In the beautiful sunshine we wandered around Le Touquet market which had many stalls of local produce. The atmosphere was buzzing and vibrant and some of us bought a few souvenirs to take home. 

Excellent evenings were spent having BBQ's and talking about our highlights of the day. We all agreed of having such a relaxing time during our holiday to France. 

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