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Potters Leisure Resort with Roger & Paola

Potters Leisure Resort 
Another fabulous holiday to Potters!

A bit of friendly competition at the bowling alley was on the agenda. Everyone played very well, with lots of encouragement and support from each other.  

Hula Hooping and swimming went down a treat with the group!

We all wanted to show off our artistic talents in the pottery painting class!
There were wonderful creations and we were all proud of our work 

What fun we all had taking part in the air rifle shoot out and we did our best to hit the bulls-eye!

 We enjoyed lovely walked along the sea front breathing in the lovely fresh air.
At the Atlas Theatre we were treated to a backstage tour..what a treat! 
We had so many photo opportunities, the racks of clothes and props were amazing to see.

Once the tour was over we were given complimentary brochures documenting the history of the Atlas Theatre and all the famous names who had performed here!

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