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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Gary & Isobel

Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside 

Today was spent on the Nancy B motorboat.  It allowed us to see some of the beautiful wildlife including marsh harrier, various windmills, bridges and other boats which the group enjoyed waving to passers by.
 Along the way we all had a go at controlling the boat, driving and steering around the quiet parts of the open water, a thoroughly relaxing way to enjoy a holiday.Each person was given the opportunity at the helm of Nancy B and we awarded with certificates for driving her!

A day in Great Yarmouth, the sun was shining and perfect for a day at the seaside!We headed to Pirates Adventure Golf, the course was great fun and everyone was very competitive. Whilst in Great Yarmouth the group also enjoyed Ten pin bowling and playing in the arcades!

 At the Sea Palling beach we had great fun dipping our toes in the sea and jumping the waves!

 We went to the Circus and water spectacular at the Hippodrome. It was a 
 fabulous day full of comedy; acrobatics, swimmers, fountains and fireworks!

 We boarded a steam train from Wroxham and rode along the beautiful countryside to Aylesham, where we got off and visited gift shops and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

 Today we were excited to be going out on the canoes! Once fitted with our life jackets, we headed out onto the broads. Everyone had such fun exploring the river and all the enchanting little bays and inlets. 

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