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The Wonders of the Isle of Wight with Midi & Netty

  The Wonders of the Isle of Wight  

We visited the famous landmark ‘The Needles’. We climbed up on the viewing platform and enjoyed taking in the views of the cliffs and the coast of mainland Britain in the distance. We snapped some lovely photos as we took in the mesmerising views amplified by the clear sunny weather. 

We made our way into the Sand Shop where we had fun filling up different shaped bottles with coloured sand. We then watched a demonstrations of how they make their delicious and unique sweets. We were lucky enough to sample the tasty produce at the end of it. 

At the Alum Bay Glass factory where we were given the opportunity to watch the intriguing process of glass blowing. Intricate and beautiful glass creations took shape in front of our eyes.

In Godshill we had a lovely time looking around at the beautifully made models. The pristine gardens of the model village made for exceptional photo opportunities. 

Today we visited the royal retreat of Queen Victoria herself, Osborne House. We were all pleasantly surprised by the stunningly beautiful gardens of Osborne House as we entered its gates. We made our way through the luscious, flower rich gardens before setting our eyes on the house itself. We explored every room in the house, from the children's nursery, to Victoria's very own bedroom and we even saw her death bed. 

After a good look around Osborne house, we hopped onto a shuttle bus and made our way to Osborne beach. The weather complimented the scenery beautifully as the rich turquoise and green waters welcomed the numerous small yachts and fishing boats. We sat down overlooking the coast in a little cosy café where we enjoyed a light lunch and treated ourselves to an ice cream.

The entertainment team dazzled us with performances from some of the best west-end shows with their own little twist. We all took the chance to have a good dance and sing our heart out!

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